Wednesday, December 27, 2006

PoW! 9th Week

Here are this weeks PoW!, in no order of preference:

"Livin High Sugbo"
by: "Manu Antigua"
Canon EOS 400D Digital, 1/320, f/11, 10mm, ISO 200

Photographers Comment: i recently went to manila and when i left cebu i looked outside the window and saw cebu(my island) in all its glory...i just had 2 snap it..hehe...taken in a cebu pacific aircraft at uhh...i dunno how high we were....enjoy

Editors Comment: Very nice cloud formation and perfectly composed shot. I love how this shot is tilted. The Photographer said that it was a snap shot. Well.. It's a Perfect Snap Shot!

i'm back
"I'm Back"
by: "Ryan Jose Ticsay" a.k.a "jozexit"
No Exifs Available

Editors Comment: They did it again. Another proof that the old theory is true (mas madali magpatawa kapag kalbo ka).

The composition with Sykes uncanny acting ability (which by the way he demostrated in a recent indie-film) is really entertaining.

Big Tree Watching Over Heroes
"Big Tree Watching Over Heroes"
by: "Andrew Villasis" a.k.a "Boso"
No Exifs Available

Editors Comment: It's not the usual landscape shot we usually see. What I liked about this photo is the composition and technical quality. The definition of the clouds against the beautiful blue sky is so profound and then that big tree fills up the the empty spaces in the frame.

At first glance, most people might think that the horizon line is not horizontal. Well, in fact, it isn't but it does not mean that there's something wrong here. Take a look at the verticality of the crosses and you'll know that the ground is actually swooping down.

Inner Color
"Inner Color"
by: Karen Angelynne Leong" a.k.a "angelynne"
Canon EOS 30D, 1/60, ISO400

Editors Comment: Searched 24 pages and got this one standing out from 5 options. When I looked at it, I realized it must be the tabletop flower on the FPC table on the night of the 1st Canon Shoot and Run. I noticed Karen, Ed, JC, Lenard, Andrew, even Jay, having tutorials and hands-on demonstrations on macro shooting, after the free dinner and while waiting for the awarding ceremonies to commence.

If this photo by Karen is the result of the impromptu discussion, I would say that FPC members are very capable teachers of Photography, and Karen is a quick learner! Or was she also teaching the others, I'm not sure. I think they used an inverted non-macro lens in this shot, with bursts of flashes while gradually moving the inverted lens away from the subject. If it is so, this shot is even more impressive!

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