Thursday, December 14, 2006

Night With the Shooters

FPC Shooter's Night
Dec 7, 2006

When I signed up for Flickr and started uploading some pics, my only intention was to just share some photos. Months later, I started joining Flickr groups to get some comments for my photos - a way to improve my mistakes on the technical aspect of the photo. But when I found out about Flickers Photo Club (FPC) by searching through the groups, I didn't have a second thought of joining. When I read the description, I realized, this group is not just for sharing pictures and making "mandatory" comments on each photos in a pool but rather one that builds friendships among members guided by the values of sharing and learning from each other that even a hobbyist like me is welcome to join. I hardly know the members except for Linus (aka mtxtremist) who happens to be my friend and a kaSABIT. Even though I haven't met them, I started replying to the discussions, one way of connecting with them.

I had the chance to join them in one of their activities - Fireworks Shoot in MOA. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet them because Tope (aka Shutterborg) and I were not able to find them in the biggest mall in the country. However, we were able to take shots of the fireworks. I submitted my photo as entry for the photo contest. Though it didn't win, at least I tried =).

There were so many activities lined up for FPC but my weekend schedules didn't fit. Luckily, they scheduled the Shooter's Night on Dec 7. It was Thursday so I signed up for the activity. I was so excited to meet the Men and Women of FPC because after months, at last I will get to meet them.

December 7 came, the moment I've been waiting for. I thought I will not be able to make it because I encountered issues in my projects at work. It was already 6 pm and was not yet done with my work. Tope and Lee were already waiting for me. Thank God, my project manager allowed me to go and just finish the task the next day.

When we got to Tiananmen Bar, I was a bit nervous. I went to the restroom and the models were dressing up. We registered and get to meet some of the members. I was so glad to meet them in person and talked to some people on topics other than photography. The models started to ramp and photographers started taking up photos. After that, the raffle was drawn. I was crossing my fingers =) hoping for a prize. I wasn't so lucky that night. Tope and Rhandz won some prizes...hmmm better luck next time I guess.

This night was a memorable one for me. Being with some professional photographers, learning with them, and shooting with them were experiences that I will keep and share. To FPC, more power, and more activities to come!

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