Wednesday, December 06, 2006

PoW! 6th Week

Foursome boys on the highlands, traversing the fields of green.
Sometime catches their attention, what've these topless seen?
But me I see the grandeur of the building lines in black & white.
I wonder how the art museum stands with its walls in a fight.

The Magician on the other hand, catches trixie, like a pretty pixie
Struck by light as she was about to take flight like a bird so free.
How it relates to 3 kids in a wedding I have no idea whatsoever.
But take a glance at one's jealousy, staring like a busted suitor!

These are this week's PoW!, in no order of preference:

Early Jealousy
"Kids at Play" "Early Jealousy"
by "Perry S. Chua," a.k.a. "PowerPee"
Essential exif: Nikon D200, 0.017 sec (1/60), f/5, ISO640 @ 44 mm

Editor's Comment: This week is "Wedding" week! And while it might be spectacular to find a groom kissing a bride, a bride tossing a bouquet of flowers, a groom running with his bride in tow in an eloping fashion, or a stunning portrait of a bride with a long flowing gown in the air, I find this candid portrait of three kids of the entourage a riveting scene.

Children photos are always candid and almost always a delight. This one is therefore a triple treat! Add to that the amusing expression of the one on the right as if jealous of the other guy, his eyes as if asking the girl, "Why not me?" This is one reason that a wedding photographer must always have an assistant photographer--to capture the sideline highlights while he is busy at the altar, so to speak.

Struck By Light
"Struck By Light"
By igorms
Nikon D70s, 1/125, f/14, 48 mm, ISO 200

Editor's Comment: I am a huge fan of Japanese Animation or Anime' and this Photo reminds me so much of Neo Genesis Evangelion's final episode.

Buidling Lines in B&W
"Buidling Lines in B&W"
by ishrona
Olympus C5060WZ, 1/400, f/4, 5.7 mm , ISO 80

Photographer's comment: The New DAM, Denver Art Museum expansion building.

Editor's comment: Ishrona has produced some of the most beautiful architectural photos I've seen. Defying standards and conventions, his architectural photos focus more on the buildings details instead of the grand entirety.

This photo, as an example, focused more on the lines and shapes to procude a strongly composed image of triangles and sharp converging lines that lead the eyes to look around the frame and hold the viewers attention.

by: harley501
Canon PowerShot G3, 1/640, f/4 , 20.7 mm , ISO: 400

Editor's Comment: Very nice composition and the colors are great. This photo shows the essence of our Philippine Culture.


Lady_Guinevere said...

congratulations po sa inyo sa magagandang pics ninyo :D keep shooting...

Erwin said...

congrats to this week's photogs, You're all great!