Saturday, February 24, 2007

FPC PoM, January 2007: Airic Espenida

Our Photographer of the Month (PoM) is a newbie, having just upgraded his camera from a P&S to a DSLR. He sure must be very inspired to shoot as he was able to send quality entries to both the month's theme and OTS photo contests!

And in both contests he wins, bagging the grand award for the OTS!

When the results of the OTS contest came in, I instantly knew who the PoM for January is. Well, no guessing about that! Anyone can tell, actually, by just keeping track of the discussions on the thread. Therefore, presenting to you our PoM for January, 2007: Airic Espenida, known in flickr as "Ryuji23."

[rarerimages] Airic, Flickerian

Ryuji earned the award by accumulating more points than the others who participated in the FPC events (announced in threads, where members should sign up to qualify for points) and submitting entries to the monthly Theme and the On-the-Spot contests. When January ended, Ryuji was awarded the following points:


We sent a flickr mail to him on the night of validating and finalizing the scores, and asked him a few questions:

FPC: How did you react and feel when you read our flickr mail?
Ryuji: I was a bit surprised because I never expected to win such award, the first thing that comes to my mind is "Hey! Is this for real?" I know there are many FPC members that have much better composition than mine and it was just luck that I won, but I'm very happy for it.

FPC: How does if feel to be the very first PoM of FPC?
Ryuji: All I can say is "WOW!" I'm very much pleased and also motivated to improve more to enhance my composition because I'm still considering myself as a newbie.

PC: What does the award mean to you? And how will it affect your photography?
This award means so much to me! It raised me one level up on my current skill. Though it's still a long way for me, I'll take the challenge to improve more. I will continue to ask pointers from the skilled members in our group. And I will always be proud as a member of FPC.

I just want to say thank you! I didn't expect anything, all I want is just to shoot and improve my composition, and this award is very special, I always consider myself as a newbie in photography and I'm looking forward to learn more from the PROs here in FPC.

- end -

Thursday, February 22, 2007

FPC @ Children of Joy Foundation

Happy Kids!
"Happy Kids!"
FPC Childrens Joy Foundation Charity Event
Photo by: Hocchuan on 18 Feb '07, 10.02am CST.

"They benefit most who serve best." This is one of Rotary Club's mottos and taking it to heart, Flickerians (as FPC members are otherwise known) unite to serve the less fortunate--a way of sharing what blessings they have received, and a sober reminder that if they have a DSLR in their possessions, they probably are better off than the majority of the Filipinos.

It was started by the thread "Being of Service to Persons With Disabilities and Other Needies" which showed the generous and willing nature of many Flickerians. The Admins decided first that they should be the one to support this and thus gathered up an amount amongst themselves and then, thrust the idea to the members. Not surprisingly, the plan was met with enthusiasm with one member immediately depositing a considerable sum of amount to the designated bank account. Other donations in kind were committed and gathered at the place of origin or was taken directly to the site on the day of the event.

FPC at Children's Joy Foundation
"FPC at Children's Foundation"
A post valentine event of Flicker Photo Club
with Children's Joy Foundation Kids.
Photo by: Ed's

Flickerians donated cash, old clothes and toys, and served food from cash donations. Jollibee was contracted to do the feeding and the maskot bee was there to sing and dance to the delight of the children. On the other hand, an Admin, through her girlfriend who works at Starbucks, brought the day's unsold pastries, cakes and an assortment of breads.

Kamalayan and Macoi
"Kamalayan and Macoi"
Presenting the Future Filipino "FPC" Photographer
Photo by: Rastamarie

Flickerians mingled and played with the children, even sung and danced with them. My! Diane is no match for the talented girls of the Foundation! In comparison, she "had two left feet!" And guess what the musician kids were singing during the FPC communion. No wouldn't have guessed they were songs from the popular feel-good movie for the young, "High School Musical." And yes, Diane was belting them too!

[rarerimages] FPC Charity, Bring Them Joy
"FPC Charity, Bring them Joy"
Photo by: rareimages by shutterbugrer

And then it was time to say goodbye. We were readying to leave when we noticed that the children were gathering at the middle. Then, the signal was given and we were serenaded by multitudes of little "Thanks!" in a song. Two songs. No one was teary eyed (at least to my knowledge), but we all appreciated the gesture and gave them a warm of applause, for their performance and as a sign that we accept their gratitude. And then, they started approaching us, taking our hand and tapping the back of the palm on their forehead--a gesture we Filipinos call "mano," for showing respect and thanks.

Teaching the Kids
"Teaching the Kids"
FPC Childrens Joy Foundation Charity Event
Photo by: Hocchuan

We left hungry and so while eating "dry" on the sidewalk, without drinks, we struck on the idea to raid Anne's mansion. And we had great time there!

We are sure we will do this again.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

PoW! 17th Week

One quail egg dropped on something blue
Still one great creativity, although not new.
Great dome of steel shimmering on the water,
Stands as witness to the sky getting darker.
Rows of colorful houses line up the street,
Riveting your attention with pattern to beat.

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

Quail egg
"Quail Egg"
by: jay chef
Canon EOS 300D Digital, 1/60, f/13, 50mm, ISO 100

Editor's Comment: Excellent Food Photography. This is a kind of shot that I would love to learn how to do. Great Imagination by the Photographer. Color, Composition and Lighting is just perfect!

blue twilight
"Blue Twilight"
by: Luis Reyes
Nikon D200, 2.2 sec(11/5), f/4, 12mm, ISO 100

Description: I was on the way from downtown Vancouver when on the spur of the moment I decided to stop by the Science World Museum and was greeted by an awesome twilight. I was realle glad I stopped to take some photos. I uploaded a larger size which I hope people can see as the small size loses all the beauty of the scene.

Editor's Comment: The best time really to do night photography is at twilight , not actually at night when sunlight has totally faded. Although the sun has set, it still casts some faint light and beautiful colors into the evening sky. At the same time, the buildings artificial lights are fully lit.

For this particular shot, the photographer did just that. As a bonus, he has chosen a waterfront cluster of buildings where the lights from the sky and from the buildings are reflected on calm water filling the whole frame with interesting colors and patterns. Absolutely gorgeous!

Post Card Row (San Francisco)
"Post Card Row (San Francisco)"
by: Waves
No Exifs Available

Description: I used to live down the street from here. And part of it was chasing 5 Fulton (bus that goes downtown) to go to work. Hmmm, I wonder why the memory of chasing the bus sticks out. I could think of better and happier memories but I love the Bus chasing memory best. LOL

Yes, this is another spot in San Francisco that has been photographed a million times.

Editor's Comment: It's been photographed a million times, maybe. But this one strikes the eye with immediate astonishment. The high contrast works well for this one, bringing out the bare necessary detail of the row facade of the houses. The pattern and the angle at which the houses were taken creates a succession of pleasing images, in a fashion, in music, called "crescendo.

I don't know if the sky helps that it is very blue. Maybe it doesn't matter anymore because your eyes will be riveted on the rows of colorful patterns. Also, you won't probably notice immediately that the line of trees along the street, obviously, is not green. But again, it might not matter anymore. The span of the center of the frame holds your attention.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hobbyist from California

Remedy "usclabdog" Medina and his lovely wife.

Flickr name: usclabdog
Real name: Remedy Medina
Lives in: Glendale, California
Day Job: Clinical Lab Scientist, LA County-University of Southern California Hospital.Current Gear: Canon EOS 20D, Canon Ixus 50, 10-22mm, 17-85 IS USM, 70-300 IS USM, 100mm macro, 85mm f/1.2 L, 420EX flash

Our FPC Featured Photographer today considers himself a hobbyist but his photo stream reveals a very creative person whose work could easily be mistaken for a serious amateur and perhaps, that of a seasoned professional. Not very long ago, his photo entitled "coastal view from point reyes" was featured in Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect section. Hobbyist? Yeah . . . right!

His real name is Remedy Medina but he is known in flickr, and in Flickers Photo Club (FPC), as “usclabdog”. He is a clinical lab scientist based in Glendale, California. Although majority of the members are Philippine based, his active participation in the discussion threads is testament to the fact that you do not have to be physically there to make your presence felt. His photo stream features beautiful landscapes of California but more importantly, his family.


"doppelganger" by usclabdog

FPC: Why "usclabdog" for screen name? It sounds a little far from Rem, your real name.

uusclabdog: USC stands for University of Southern California, which is where I work. I am one of the staff of the Core Lab, and during the time that I was creating my account in flickr, I was working like a dog there because a lot of old timers retired and it took us a long while to get some people aboard and be trained.

Actually my real name is Remedy, it was the bright idea of my father, he derived it from his name, Renato Medina, as most Filipinos do when they name their offspring. He thought that I was the remedy for their sadness and loneliness during the time that it took them awhile to have a baby. Kinda cheesy but that’s really the whole story.

FPC: What does your wife think about your hobby?

usclabdog: My wife thought that I was insane when I bought the canon 20D two years ago. She couldn’t fathom that a camera would cost that much. Initially she wouldn’t smile at the camera and most of the capture I have of her was that uneasy scowl on her face that was a cross between a smirk and a pout if one can imagine it.

And since this was before flickr, when I have totally no idea of what or how a full featured SLR or DSLR works. Prior to the 20D, I have a Canon G2 black which was always set in P mode and before that was the Kodak instamatic camera, didn’t know anything about shutter or, aperture priority for that matter.

There was this time when we went back to the Philippines for our vacation and my wife had this high school reunion in PUP and I brought the 20D during that party and it was indoor, I probably took more than 40 pictures, and out of it, 36 were blurred. And finally my wife said to me that line, that up to now, still reverberates very clear in my eardrums, "All that crappy pictures from that expensive camera?" I didn’t know the steep learning curve attached to it.

From then on I tried to read books and google stuffs about photography. Man, I was like a boxer on a comeback trail, like Rocky Balboa preparing to fight Dolph Lundgren (from the movie "Rocky IV"). And I think, I'm way better now than before, still a lot of flubs in lowlight situations but at least now I know how it happened, unlike before when I was totally clueless.

Nowadays she’s ok with this hobby, she’s actually impressed with some of the pictures that she would suspect that it wasn’t me who took it,... oh well =)

FPC: Do you have kids? Do you want your kids to be hook up with photography as well like you?

usclabdog: I have a 5 year old boy and a 10 year old daughter, both adorable and smart kids; I wouldn’t mind them making it as a hobby. Photography I think is also another medium for self expression and it is something that one can give as well as receive in terms of visual enjoyment.

FPC: How do you divide your time with your family and photography?

usclabdog: My family is with me every time I bring my camera with me. The drawback with that is the fact that kids doesn’t enjoy sceneries like adults, they get bored easily. Most of my pictures are taken during our family vacations and my wife does a good job of making them pre occupied while I try to shoot my pictures.

FPC: At the moment, photography is a hobby for you. Do you have plans on doing some professional work someday?

usclabdog: I would like to keep it a hobby. But if I’m going to do some professional photography, it would be by the way of photojournalism.

"carmel sunset" by usclabdog

FPC: Other than photojournalism, what’s your favorite photographic subject or subjects?

usclabdog: Landscapes, people/ street photography and now I'm beginning to like portraitures.

FPC: Do you have any other photographic ambition?

usclabdog: Although I like to take landscapes and sceneries, I'm always moved by images of people. I'm always inspired by those images that show determination, sacrifice, love, heroism, compassion, etc. It may not be realistic, but it is a dream of mine to do a photo-essay or photo documentary that will convey those messages.

FPC: Do you have any favorite photographer in particular?

usclabdog: I'm not gonna go far on this and I'm gonna go local, I am a total novice when I joined flickr and right away, it is Farl's images and photo tips that helped me learn exposures and most importantly, how to see things creatively, I'm almost always surprised at how he can come up with those stunning images from simple objects and make dramatic composition of those places that he has been too. On the other hand, since time and life magazines were the ones that gave me the first impressions about photography, I can say that the works of those photojournalists, especially James Nacthwey are my favorites.

FPC: Tell us about your dream gear.

usclabdog: A full frame sensor, 24-70 f/2.8L, 16-35 f/2.8L, 50 f/1.2L, 24-70 f/2.8L, 70-200 f/2.8L, Epson 80G picture viewer, Wacom Intuous, Mac pro.

FPC: How did you know about flickr? And how did you get "addicted" to it?

usclabdog: I learned about Flickr from mboogiedown, I stumbled on her Myspace webpage and I saw her pictures there, at that time I dont know much about photography and I asked her about where she learned to shoot pictures like that. She gave me the link to her photo stream in flickr and I was amazed at how good she is. Once I saw some of those awe inspiring work and creation of her and of those people here in flickr, I got hooked right away.

FPC: How did you know about FPC? Did another member invite you to join?

usclabdog: I remember being there in that thread that JE created for the planning and the initial push to create this group. He is also the one who invited me here.

FPC: What was your initial impression of FPC?

usclabdog: I know right away that this isn’t going to be just another pinoy group here in flickr. I know those guys who created the group are driven and are really motivated to prove that this is going to work.

FPC: What do you think about it now?

usclabdog: I'm not surprised at all, at how fast and how strong FPC have come along. It is poised to do a lot of great things and I'm really excited at the possibilities. Its one thing to be a progressive group in Flickr but it’s really a great accomplishment to be able to establish an identity, outside of this cyber community.
This photo was feature in Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect not very long ago.

FPC: Your photo "coastal view from point reyes" has been previously featured in Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect section. So how did it feel?

usclabdog: That’s a proud moment, I told my wife right away =). I’m not sure if it was the first picture selected on Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect section, but at least here in Flickr I know it is the first one. I was really surprised that it got selected, not bad for a picture that I tried to snatch away from that day's fading light.

FPC: How long have you been living away from the Philippines? Nag-balikbayan ka na ba?

usclabdog: I was 22 when I started working abroad, spent almost 7 years in both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, I get to go home every year when I was there, but when I finally decided to immigrate here in the U.S. it took me almost nine years before we were able to go back last august of 2005. Bitin na bitin yung one month to make up for those nine years, kaya were really looking forward to the next one.

FPC: There's an ongoing Nikon vs. Canon "asaran" in the group's discussion threads. Since you don't seem to be taking part on those threads, we'd like to ask what's your take on this? Do you believe that one brand is really better than the other?

usclabdog: There's a lot to learn from those guys, honestly I don’t know how Nikon cameras perform, I've never used one. But with the 20D that I’m using, I wasn’t happy with the dull colors that it produce, that’s why I played with the parameters and created the setting that I use now. On the other hand, a coworker of mine who bought the d200 complained about her blurred pictures of birds, which she later found out was not really blurred, she later learned from one of the photography forums, that the d200 has the tendency to soft focus, so she also changed the setting to make it sharper. It's the camera's strengths and weaknesses that I think we should learn to take advantage of, or be able to work around with.

Knowing how your camera performs and its limitation is more important I guess. Add to it is ones ability to see things creatively, compose and visualize the final image, and then if it’s really a good picture, Nikon or canon? Who cares, right?

FPC: Any word on anyone who wants to go into this hobby? Photography, I mean.

usclabdog: To those who want to go into this hobby, just read and study other people's work. Blurred pictures are fine...... as long as you don’t keep on making them. hehe. I mean, practice and learn how your gears work, and if it’s a recurring problem, please call technical support; maybe it's an OE problem which is more likely the cause..... (Operator Error!!!) and that’s something they cant help you with.... In that case you have the option of returning the camera to the store or try to learn and read anything out there about how the damn camera works. That's based on my own personal experience. LOL.

FPC: Any message to fellow FPC members?

usclabdog: Sa mga kapwa ko FPC members...Ang masasabi ko lang ay ito;Ikaw......ako.......tayong lahat.......magkakakapatid. .....bwehehe!! Where else will you find such a different cast of characters? I mean it in a good way hehehe guys are the best!

FPC: And before we forget . . . the ever-popular question - boxers or briefs?

usclabdog: oh yah, I use both. Boxer during summer, para well ventilated. Briefs during winter to avoid shrinkage hehe.

Friday, February 16, 2007

"1 Yr Older, Wishful Thinking" - February Celebrants

Another candle on your cake
Well there's no need to pout
Be glad that you have strength enough
To blow them all out!

FPC would like to greet our February celebrants a Happy Happy Birthday!

Rey Nocum: (February 3)
islandboyinthecity: (February 11)
cxAlena: (February 13)
Ryuji23: (February 14)
Tuklaw!: (February 16)
janzedrik: (February 18)
kitakitts: (February 22)

May all your wishes come true.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

PoW! 16th Week - Valentines Day Special

What we are is not what is seen on the outside
There is more value to what lies hidden inside.
Whether it be a kiss or gestures of the hands,
Or a touch of one's being that tightens bonds,
People measure us by the caring we display,
Not by the camera gadgets we are able to pay.
Those that matter'll keep us in minds, in hearts,
Only if we show them what we hide in our innards.

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

Rastamarie and Shutterborg (2)
"Rastamarie and Shutterborg"
by: Rastamarie
Canon EOS 400D Digital, 1/32000, f4.5, 34mm, ISO 100

Editor's Comment: There is something about this photo that made me like it so much. I don't know, maybe it's the silhouette of Shutterborg and Rastamarie and their romantic pose, the way they look at each other, hold each other, the silhouette, faces in shadow yet distinctively themselves . . . . so romantic. Maybe it's the sunset, or the beach perhaps. Those have been known to be a deadly combination to spark romance. Something about this photo made me just wish me and my loved one has a picture like this.

Any criticism? Yes, there are a few but they don't matter here. No, this photo, to me, is beyond technical excellence. What it represents is a lot more than that. Love, romance, togetherness . . . . Valentine's Day. The list of what it could possibly represent just goes on and on.

Here's the truth. I've originally selected these for the 15th week PoW but then I realized that the next one falls exactly on February 14. So I decided to hold it for this special occasion.

Happy Valentine's everyone!!

Jonathan's Race 1
"Jonathan's Race"
by: wilfredo pascual
Canon EOS 30D, 1/125, f/7.1, 21mm, ISO 1250

Read all about it at Jonathan's Blog

Editor's Comment: The story behind this photo can be summed up into a single word.. LOVE

Each one of us has their own definition of Love but for me its not whether you Love this or that, Him or Her. For me what really matters is will you fight for your LOVE.

I always believe that life is not a Journey but a Battle.. We will be broken and bleed, but wounds will heal and even scars fades.. But our LOVE will never be weathered.

In the description, we read a rather long, sad and sobering account. Read it because it's worth more than your time. It boils us down to what we really are in the face of possible death--what we are is not what is seen, but how we are seen by the people we have come in contact with.

by: jayjay lo
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: I was searching for the perfect photo to symbolize love, affection and happiness. And this is just perfect. Very nice composition.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

Hiding In The Dark
"Hiding in the Dark"
by: 'JC'
Canon EOS 30D, 1/125, f/16, 40mm, ISO 100

Editor's Comment: The pose, the expression of Rachel which was so natural and the BW mood perfectly worked well! This pic tells story like the man was trying to make it out with the girl after a fight...but since love was really there...the soft touch in Rachel's hips turned out as a peace flag....

Anne (2)
"Anne" (Suggest: "Crimson Elegance")
by: †whiteknight†
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: Pure fashion elegance. This capture by Maxi illustrates that the body language of the model is much more important than the amount of skin bared. Anne's face and hand placement exudes the formal elegance of a stately lady. And this is well accentuated by the appropriate dress.

This also hammers into mind that what goes on inside the dress is an equally important factor in capturing a full dress photo like this. Through the skirt, one can imagine the way Anne positioned her legs and feet, and that gesture added to the mode of this image. Of course the dress is up to the designer, but the photographer is the significant link to that fashion pleasure a viewer enjoys.

But, no! He may not send this as entry to the February 2007 Theme Photo Contest any more!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

PoW! 15th Week

Reyna's big round eyes and radiant smile
Lights up the page in black and white style.
Sir Willy draws forth childhood memories,
With a man and his dog among the big trees.

Honor your beloved and lift her up high,
Along the baywalk, into the glow in the sky.
Then walk with her into an enchantment
Among the pines, take your time well spent.

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

Enchanted Forest - S3isBaguio06_28SEPIA
"Enchanted Forest"
by: Daniel Y. Go
Canon PowerShot S3 IS, 1/100, f2.7, 6mm

Editor's Comment: I always love photos that have a dream like quality in it. It is very refreshing to look at after a hard days work. The Sepia works well for this one.

Philippine Yatch Club
"Philippine Yatch Club"
by: Boso
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: When I saw this photo. I instantly tagged it as a favorite. The concept was way too cool and romantic because of the whole set up and background. Not to mention Perfect Timing, Composition and Exposure.

Reyna Lizaso
"Reyna Lizaso"
by: Joachim Guanzon
Canon EOS 20D, 1/60, f3.5, 200mm, ISO 100

Editors Comment: Yes, I managed to resist the onslaught of Erica pics. Make no mistake, I've become a big fan of her too. However, this child portrait is so captivating and I find it even harder to resist.

What's not to like? The little girl's sparkling eyes is just precious and that finger on her lower lip not only showed her fun character but also made look like a pro model. And . . . that smile is simply adorable.

It's a technically sound piece of work as well. Good tonal range, nice shallow DOF with the eyes well in sharp focus and I especially liked that "soft" quality which is just right - not over sharpened to the point that it would look "hard".

walk the dog 3
"Walk the Dog 3"
by: Wilfredo Pascual
Canon EOS 30D, 1/320, f14, 34mm, ISO 1600

Editor's Comment: Very seldom does a photo evoke from inside you one pleasant mix of feelings of nostalgia, peace, and sheer otherworldliness. This one by Sir Willy, who is one of my very first contacts in flickr, takes my memories back to my provincial days of care freeness, walking among the big trees with my own dog, romping on the hills in the afternoon, where I can watch the sun go down beyond rolling grasses and the chimneys of a tobacco factory beyond the fence of a big cemetery.

Beyond these personal musings, this photo presents, at the same time, grandeur and simplicity, timelessness and temporariness, chaos and calm. There is unmistakable eeriness in its entirety with the patches of brightness in between the branches of the trees. And there is familiarity in its detail, with the texture of the tree, and the man and the apparent countenance of his pet dog.

Cheers to my admired long time flickr contact, a photographer and writer par excellence, Sir Willy!

Monday, February 05, 2007

FPC January Photo Contest Winners

The Flickers Photo Club inagurated their First Monthly Contest and announced It's Year Round Photo Contest Last January '07.

This Month of January the contest theme was "Portraits" and here are the winners for this month.

3rd Place Winner

"Hidden Beauty"
by: Ryuji23
Nikon D70s, 1/60, f/14, 50 mm

About the Photo: In this layout, I want to show or emphasis that the subject, even though she doesn’t totally expose her face, still oozes with a charming beauty. And despite her benefits, She still tends to cover it to keep her beauty unnoticed.

I was inspired to use the power of the veil, to cover some parts of the subjects face and only emphasis mainly on the eyes to give vagueness to the image.

2nd Place Winner

Persian Princess
"Persian Princess"
By: Shutterglass
No Exifs Available

About the Photo: Exotic and enchanting. No one knows what mystic wonders lie behind her entrancing eyes. The portrait displays Erica in a new role, defining her versatility prowess. Her extremely unique set of eyes, which can be further enchance by isolating it from the rest of her beautiful face.

1st Place Winner

Bunso (Youngest)
"Bunso (Youngest)"
by: rastamarie
No Exifs Available

About the Photo: He is ate Mila's youngest son. They live in Mt. Batulao, Batangas. Whenever I climb there, I always take pictures of this kid because I love the way he looks and his eyes are very expressive. I promised myself that I will capture one good portrait of this kid when I get a DSLR and I just did when we went there last January.

"All the entries are award-winning, but there has to be only 3 winners..." Congratulations!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Old School Is Still Way Cool !!!

His photographic methodology defies the norm, twist the rules when there aren't any rules in his text book to begin with, finds satisfaction in things that we find odd and surreal. He experiments with chemicals and uses cheap, flawed old cameras to create his masterpieces.

Hmn... sounds like a character from an old Hollywood horror movie?? not really, he's a LOMOHEAD!

Our FPC Featured Photographer is no other than Jimmy Hilario (a.k.a. Stitch).

Expired films, Cross-process, Light leaks, Saturation and Double Exposures are just few of his favorite terminologies.

He has 70+ photos in Flickr's Explore/Interestingness section. With that figure, it is probably safe to assume that he is up there with flickr's finest members and probably one Flickr's most popular local members.

1. Please tell us your full name and then your flickr screen name.
Jimmy Hilario “Stitch”

2. Where do you live at the moment?

3. What is your current occupation?
Art director, graphic designer

4. What is your current gear? (camera body/bodies, lenses and flash guns only)
mainly lomography cameras:
LC-A, Holga 120CFN, Kiev35, Smena 8M, Olympus XA2

5. What’s your favorite photographic subject or subjects?
nature and ordinary things you see (e.g., street scenes, buildings, architecture)

6. Any favorite photographer in particular?
Emil Davocol, Jun Miranda

7. Tell us about your dream gear.
Horizon Kompakt, LC-A+, a DSLR (with zoom and wide angle lens) <-- last item is really a dream.

8. What’s your photographic ambition?
Be part or organize photo exhibits, teach lomography to newbies, put up a photo shop that crossprocesses <-- last item also an impossible dream

9. Congratulations on the ongoing exhibit, Ikalawang Banat:Flickristas@The Jewellery, that you organized with jolengs! How was this experience for you? Do you have plans of holding another one in the near future?
Organizing an exhibit is enjoyable. it's nice to bring people together with different photographic styles/equipment and backgrounds. It was fun to have riotous planning get-togethers with the group and just talking about anything under the sun before getting down to business. We will definitely do this again, perhaps on a regular basis.

About the CRAFT

10. We noticed that most of your creations are images taken from the streets whether it be a typical city street or a high-way. since these are a part of your daily life, how were you able to create each images so unique even if its an image of (if not exactly) almost the same subject?
I want to show the beauty of ordinary things because it's there. You just have to capture the moment and with a little help from expired film and crossprocessing, the photos come out differently ;) You'll have to invest in rolls of film though from which you will find (hopefully) some jems.

11. Is there any particular mood that inspires you to take some pictures?
The mood is out there, you just have to spot and capture it. As for my own mindset, I just have to be ready because these moments can happen anytime but you have to get out of your way to find it. Hope I'm not to abstract ;)

12. You've used different photography media (i.e. gears) and processing styles. What is the most challenging and the most rewarding for you?
Film photography is challenging because you don't know what you shot until you develop it. Digital photography is just as challenging because everybody has a digicam nowadays. The challenge is how can you make your shot any different? Since you guys are the DSLR users, I think you know the answer to the latter ;) That said, i think digital photography is a lot easier than film. Even Pat's 3(?)-yr-old daugher is alreadying shooting nice shots ;)

13. Those who had the privilege of meeting you in person seem to agree that you have a mild-mannered personality. Why 'Stitch' as a screen name? That name (and character) is synonymous with mischief and notorious deeds.
Well Stitch is an alien. It's that aspect of Stitch that I picked-up. I'm just moving behind the scenes like a specter ;)

14. Weve heard that LOMO is currently having a steady following here in the Philippines, what makes LOMO Cameras so special that everyone is spending extra time just to buy film, develop, cross process and scan them? for as to its digital counterpart which in every way is much more easier to use?
About the LOMO following in the Philippines, you can check (sorry for the plug) and you can see for yourself what kind of people are into this lomo thingy—you will find out that they are the same as digital photographers. Both have a passion for photography. It's just a difference of style and approach to photography. For me, photography is a creative art. It's just a matter of medium—how will you capture the beauty in things?

15. While digital and conventional photography seem to pursue "perfection" and technical excellence, lomography, on the other hand, seem to celebrate gear flaws and technical imperfections. Is lomo "anti-digital" or what can be considered as "alternative photogrphy"?
LOMO is not anti-digital. Perhaps you can say it is alternative photography. And it's true, we look forward to the vignettes, color saturations, scratches and lightleaks; all which are natural defects (or effects) of film cameras which ironically some digital photographers/artists try to simulate—nothing wrong with that. I do it myself with my digital photos.

16. Do you subscribe to the 10 rules of Lomography? (1. Take your LOMO everywhere you go & whenever you go.; 2. Use it anytime — day or night; 3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but a part of it; 4. Shoot from the hip; 5. Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible; 6. Don't think; 7. Be fast.; 8.You don't have to know beforehand what you've captured on film. 9. You don't have to know afterwards, either; 10.Don't worry about the rules.
Yep, I live by the lomo rules. Oddly enough, I was already following most of those rules when I started shooting with my Canon G2 in 2002. So when I found out about those rules, I just said “well, what do you know, I have been following some rules without know it.”

17. How extensive is the following of Lomography in the Philippines? And generally what kind of people are attracted to it?
The has about 250 members and the yahoo group list has about 300. There seems to be newbies nearly everyday asking about lomography and how they can get started. I cannnot say if it is here to stay even if I want to because it is a question of how long the film supply will last. For some reason, the younger generation seems to be attracted to Lomography. Maybe it's a desire to be different. I'm not sure.

18. It is alluded somewhere that LOMO is for the eccentric, or the "uncommon"? What is your response to this?
LOMO-users are normal people it may appear eccentric and uncommon because fewer people shoot with film. You go to a typical photo shop and ask them about crossprocessing and 120 film and they'll stare at you and ask “What is that?” But I think some photo shops are happy to have a regular clientele who still shoot with film.

19. And lastly, is it boxers or briefs??


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