Monday, December 04, 2006

"1 Yr Older, Wishful Thinking" - December Celebrants

A "combo" Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas greeting to FPC's December birthday celebrants.

In the midst of a very busy holiday season, FPC hopes that we have touch your hearts with our simple flickr mail greetings for your special day. :)

We have asked our December celebrants for their wishes and here are some of their answers. :)

The question:
If someone would give you 3 wishes for your birthday this year, what would it be?

Lord Jit: (December 4)

[2]rokbot[2]y: (December 5)
- I would love to get one wish for my birthday granted.... a PRO Account will do. So I can continuously post more pictures. :D I hope Santa Claus is listening.

enywecurb: (December 8)
1. To have a date with my crush Diane.
2. To have a job (any kind of job hehe need it badly)
3. Good Health.

Mike Serrano: (December 21)
1. being materialistic, I would like to be able to purchase a wide angle lens to complete my photography gear.
2. for myself, to be a succesful travel photographer.
3. to be more focused on my goals and priorities.

Wilfredo Pascual: (December 21)

Lady_Guinevere: (December 26)
- Love, Peace and Wealth for everybody ang wish ko =)

den_den: (December 29)

Hoping all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday!


alexdpx said...

Happy Birthday to all December celebrants!! Wish ko lang, sana matupad yung wish ni Jen para yumaman na tayong lahat at mabili na lahat ng photo equipment na mabibili ng pera heheheh =)

JC said...

i wish you all good health on top of everything... you and your family... happy birthday to all the celebrants... you guys are the best... c",)

enyawecurb said...

oops i mention her name pala,,, sir kakahiya pinost nyo pala :)
thanks to all the people who greet me,,, sana may magregalo c",) i accept G-CASH Smart money, Western Union, thru bank deposits & pay pal also accept door to door deliver,,, salamat po