Saturday, December 23, 2006

Angel of Photography

It’s the holiday season and FPC would like to present to you an Angel.

Karen Angelynne Leong also known as angelynne or simply Karen in is the only Lady photographer I know personally who is always on the go and is very much willing to be either in front of the camera or behind it.


She’s describes herself as very cheerful and love to smile. She’s in love with photography and practically loves taking photos of anything under the sun from kids, people, natures, plants, animals, sceneries and many more. She also loves to pamper herself, this is where the love for traveling, bags, wallets, shoes and jewelries come in. :D

Let's find out more about our Angel:

FPC: Please tell us your full name and then your flickr screen name.
ANGEL: Karen Angelynne Yec Leong / angelynne

FPC: Where do you live at the moment?
ANGEL: Sta. Cruz, Manila

FPC: What is your current occupation?
ANGEL: Freelance Photographer & Building Administrator

FPC: You mentioned that your a freelance photographer. So you are accepting projects? What kind of projects have you done so far?
ANGEL: I'm more into events (weddings, parties, baptismal) but i do accept glamour, fashion shoot now :)


FPC: What is your current gear? (camera body/bodies, lenses and flash guns only)
ANGEL: Canon 30D, 18-55mm, 50mm, 28-135mm. 580ex

FPC: Tell us about your dream gear.
ANGEL: My dream gear would be Canon 1D Mark II-N :)

FPC: What’s your favorite photographic subject or subjects?
ANGEL: wedding, sunsets, people

Guam sunset

FPC: Any favorite photographer in particular?
ANGEL: None at the moment :)

FPC: What’s your photographic ambition?
ANGEL: to be able to deliver memorable pictures to my clients :) To let others feel that my photographs have a warm feeling behind it and a story behind it :)

FPC: When and how did you get into photography?
ANGEL: Photography is really one of my hobbies when im still a kid. i always want to capture that special moments. after college, i didn't get any chance to pursue photography, i was so busy with my job & schools. until i quit my first job, that's the only time i have the chance to pursue photography. it started about 3 years ago ......

Guam sunset

FPC: Any special someone? :)
ANGEL: Yup :)

FPC: Uuuy Sino? hehe.. Is he a photographer also? Maybe you can tell us about him and what you like about him? :) (parang the buzz na ba?) hehehe
ano ba yan! the BUZZ nga! hahahaha :D

ANGEL: can i skip this question? Ayaw ko kasi ikwento private life ko eh! hahahaha (the BUZZ din dating noh?) hahahaha

FPC: No? :P
ANGEL:Anyway, he's not a photographer, but he's always been there for me, always supports me whatever i want to do in life :)

FPC: Aside from staying behind the camera, you've also modeled for fellow photographers. When/how did this start and how was this experience for you?
ANGEL: Before becoming a photographer, I always wanted to be the subject, so i decided to have a yearly photoshoot which started last 2002, then, I showed to my photographer friends my pictures. One of them said that I can be a model and want me to modeled for them, I said yes, and that’s how everything started. :)
- The experience is fun! its more tiring to be a model than a photographer :)

FPC: Any Plans for this Holidays? Like Going abroad or out of town?
ANGEL: No, I will be in Manila for the holidays. Its been quite sometime haven't stayed here for the holidays :)



FPC: Have you been a good girl all year long?
ANGEL: hmm....I think yes :)

FPC: What are you expecting from Santa Claus this Christmas?
ANGEL: Just a happy life, good health for me & my family. world peace for everyone :)

FPC: Anong gusto mong maging pag laki mo? :P Angel yata eh. :)
ANGEL: hahaha! exactly! an ANGEL :D

FPC: How did you get to know about FPC?
ANGEL: I searched with the keyword "philippines", and I discovered FPC there :)

FPC: For the Newbies and Starters out there. What can you advice to them when they decide to start accepting projects?
ANGEL: Always be a professional, its better for the client to be late than you're the one who's late :)

A Message from the Angel:

Trust is to believe. It is something that we should always treasure and be careful about. I learned that when you over trust someone, there's no assurance that they will reciprocate often times you think who your friends are, who you trusted the most, they'll be the one to stab you at the back with such incredible stories.

All of us should learn how to protect ourselves and don't over trust people, there's an old saying "old friends are the best friends", believe in karma.


old friend (lady G) said...

congratulations Karen.... =D i am sooooo happy for you.

PowerpPee said...

congratulations! :)

Lenard said...

Congrats Karen.. Interesting things i learned from reading this blog! hehehe

alexdpx said...

Congratlations Karen!! =)

Anonymous said...

thanks ah! :)

@lenard - anong natutunan mo sa blog? hahaha