Friday, December 22, 2006

FPC Gets Featured!

It’s another feather to the cap of FPC! The Club has been featured in the December issue of the EPSON Vision Magazine, a bi-annual periodical--the pleasant culmination of a long wait for the FPC Admins. It started when Ronrag, one of the Admins, was contacted by the Editorial Supervisor of the Lifestyle Group, Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc., Kat von Einsiedel, way back in September, asking for an article and some photos to go along with it.

The news of its publication came as a lunch delight for the Admins who, keeps in constant contact by way of SMS, aside from the flickr threads, when Pat sent an SMS saying he has a copy of the magazine from One Workshop Group. The Magazine featured the Club in two pages, with a write up submitted by the Admins (in a less formal, light and witty style) describing the Club, what it is about, how it was formed, and how it is managed. Sure enough, several photos of the Admins were featured along with the article.

FPC @ Epson Vision Magazine #1
Featured photos on this page are from myklmabalay, Rareimages by shutterbugrer, ronrag and Farl

FPC @ Epson Vision Magazine #2

Featured photos on this page are from ronrag, Squareroot, Neiltot, Hocchuan and john edward

The Club is the 3rd local club to be featured and as ronrag puts it, “you can call it sheer luck, timely exposure or just a good break because there are lots of other camera or photo clubs out there who are better than us.” With several things going on with the Club, and the active participation of its members, it sure looks the Club is going somewhere forward. -- end


Anonymous said...

Wow! galing talaga ng FPC!

alexdpx said...

This proves how great this group is. Thanks to both Admin and members. The Admin for organizing the meets and activities and the members for participating and supporting them. The members for constantly contributing and suggesting and the Admin for putting those suggestions into action. Dynamic relationship. More power!!!

myklmabalay said...

congrats to FPC! a lot of great things will surely happen to this great group.

thanks to ronrag for making this happen!

mabuhay ang FPC!!!

husayno said...

Congratulations to FPC. More power to all of us!