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He Calls His Style "Mazkypopz"

His office building is adjacent to mine. So, via texting or SMS, we decided to meet at the Salt & Pepper restaurant lunch time of December 13, Wednesday. We met at the back entrance of our building, where people usually meet before going out to lunch in groups. There he was with his perennial smile and the trademark curly hair. If fact, his flickr screen name is reminiscent of it.

Eric and I sat down midway between two speakers in the classy restaurant, so we can hear each other during the question and answer session. I can't remember what food he ordered now (and he cleaned his plate before we got to the last question), but I got myself tea and he ordered for diet Coke.

FPC's 8th featured photographer just became an admin on December 14th, the night after the "Shooter's Night" party at Tiananmen Bar, Makati Ave., Makati City. He had been into Photography before I even knew what the difference between optical and digital zoom is. Meet him in midair:


Data Vitae
Full Name: Ericson Cruz Fernandez
flickr screen name: "erxkulotz"
Present Address: Cainta, Rizal
Occupation: Senior Graphic Artist for WolfPac Mobile, Inc., a content provider of Smart Communications, Inc.
Current Gear:
camera body = Canon 350D
lenses = kit lens,
50mm f/1.8,
75-300mm III USM f/4-5.6 (Canon),
28-70mm f/2.8 EX DG (Sigma)
flash = 430EX
Favorite Photographic Subject: Anything under the sun (and the moon) hehehe..:D if you browse my flickr & multiply account, you'll know what i mean... anything goes... mazkypopz..:D [The interview reveals that he does have a preferred subject--his nephew.]
Favorite Photographer: No one in particular, 'coz i admire photos that capture my attention, whether it is shot by a newbie or a pro
Dream Gear: A full frame body, a 24-70mm f/2.8 L, & a 70-200mm f/2.8 L
Photographic Ambition: I enjoy shooting events, concerts, gigs... (i could be a rockstar! hehehe...) maybe an events photographer, but im not limiting myself on doing only that... mazkypopz nga diba..:D If there's an opportunity for a big project, go and shoot... as long as you put your heart into it..:D

More of Eric and His Photography
FPC: How many of you in the family are inclined to Photography? And what do they say about your passion?
ECF: Just me. My Mom paid for me to enter the world of Photography! I took up Fine Arts, major in Advertising Arts and one of our subjects is Photography. She bought me a second-hand Nikon film-based manual camera when I was only about 18 or 19 year old. Before that, however, I used Kodak instamatics. And so from the start, my Mom knew about my penchant for taking photographs.

Recently, she noticed my photo in a magazine, featuring the products of a client one of my officemate (I VA'd for him) and she asked me if the pose was a paid one. I said, "No, but it's a big plus to my experience."

FPC: Is your GF also into Photography?
Yes, but not seriously. She uses a P&S Canon A410, and guess who her favorite subject is! I told her to take her camera in one of our concert shoots and When I looked at her photos later, I found me in most of them! She plans to upgrade, though still to a P&S model, because she now feels limited by the functions of her current camera.

FPC: Back in College, who or what were your early inspirations?
Hmmm... back in College... None. I was a student and I just had to take photos for the curriculum. But what makes me lift my camera to shoot then was the sight of fellow student-photogs taking photos. They document the subject, I document them documenting the subjects.

FPC: What inspires you to get your cam and shoot, now?
My nephew, Sam. He is 9 months old. I like to capture the candid growing moments. In fact, I have a folder in my PC of photos of him in various stages of growth--1 month, 2, 3 months... and so on. I must have about 1,000+ photos of him now.

It's not random shooting because I had to wait for that once-in-lifetime moments of firsts, and fleeting candid moments of a smile and other expressions. My younger sister, Sam's mother, is thinking of buying a digicam for when I am in the office and not able to take his pictures--she plans to substitute for me.

Other things that inspires me are gigs and nature. Concerts, and the likes. I was a mountaineer back at UST. But I have not climbed for so long now. That botched hike we planned in November should have been my first again in years. Unfortunately, it did not push through.

I am also starting to inch into Fashion and Glamour Photography, like most you guys are. Incidentally, my avatar was shot in my first ever studio shoot at Cube Point in Pasig, when we did a concept shoot for a debuting friend of a fellow photog. My first ever Fashion shoot was with you guys in Tiananmen Bar last October 25th [T-Bar's 4th Anniversary Celebration dubbed "Fourplay"].

FPC: Aside from student-photogs, what were your early favorite photo subjects then? How about now?
ECF: I also liked taking night shots. Our professor gave us a list of Photographic categories and left us the decision of what to shoot. I liked night shots. I enjoyed the times we climbed up rooftops and shoot highways during the evenings. We used film then--a time when usually 4 out 36 frames come out good.

There was no LCD to "preview" your shots yet, so we are left with "trial and error." But we liked the anticipation of how the film negatives will come out of the lab.

Now, my favorite, or more appropriately, "most-shot" subjects are of concert events. That is because I enjoy both Photography and Music and concerts afford me to enjoy them at the same time. Concerts is where I'm inclined to right now.

The Hand That Rocks

[This photo was featured in the PoW! 4th week, published November 22, 2006 in this blogspot.]
I usually go to musical events in Eastwood, because the security there is relatively lenient and thus, we have more freedom to shoot wherever we liked. I go there with fellow photogs.

FPC: Can I come with you on one of your concert shoots?
Yes, sure. There is an upcoming one on December 16th but we will be at the Canon "Shoot and Run" Photo Marathon so I guess, we both won't be available.

FPC: How do you describe your brand of Photography? If you would describe your photo style, what is it?
Mazkipopz. Like what I said in my flickr-mail to you. That's with "Z"s, not "S"s. It stands for "Maski papaano" ["Anything goes."] If the opportunity comes, I shoot without thinking, but trusting my eyes.

lobo boy

I know I see something other photogs don't. But it's not an aimless style. You still have to give thought to the composition and technical in-cam settings.

FPC: What are your photographic plans?
I'm not planning to abruptly switch from hobbyist to pro. Although I did paid jobs already, these are for experience and practice, and to build contacts. I still have much to learn and have to invest in more gears.

Of course, eventually I will aspire as pro, but for now I'm hobbyist--we all start naman this way before becoming pros, if ever. Although, there is hope for me at a shot at pro. Someone PM'd me, a creative director of some outfit, who has viewed my multiply albums. He is asking me for rates. That's a good sign.

FPC: What work are you proud of?
It's that black and white photo of a kid in the flight of stairs, shot in the Manila Cathedral during one of my walkaround shooting.


This was chosen as one of the B&W finalists last September during the Nirai party. I reuploaded it and re-titled it as "Hope."

FPC: When judging the merits of a photo, what is the first thing you look for?
ECF: The "X-Factor"... those photos that have a different feel, whether in style, composition, or technique used.

FPC: How do you plan to spend your holiday vacations, Photographically-speaking?
ECF: I'm planning to shoot Policarpio St., where the houses light up when night comes; Shoot my nephew, he's the latest addition to our family and it's also his first Christmas; I'm also planning to go out of town with my family & GF, photo op on the side.

FPC: What Photo Clubs are you connected to?
Back in College, we have the AD-Phocus, or "Advertising Photographers in Focus." I am also a member of PhPhoto, of which I am a lurker. And of course, FPC...

FPC: Which you're now an Admin of! Congrats!
Yeah... That was a pleasant after-party surprise. Lady_G [another FPC member] texted me the morning after the party saying something about the word "Mod." I didn't get it at first, but later I understood I was promoted as "Admin." I visited the flickr groups but to my surprise, I didn't find FPC among the groups I am member of! I thought I was kicked out of FPC! Then I saw FPC up there under the "Groups you administer" caption.

FPC: As an Admin, what do you plan to contribute to FPC?
Ron [an Admin] PM'd me, congratulating me and encouraging me to do my best. I also thanked Pat [another Admin] and he replied, "that's extra job you got!" Well, I can contribute my talent to the Club. If ever we will need designs and layouts, I'd be glad to do it for the Club. Any visual arts we need producing at all, you can count on me.

FPC: How does it feel to be an Admin of FPC?
Happy! That after 6 months, I am getting recognized. Grateful. Although, it's not my goal to be an Admin--I was Ok being a member being able to communicate with you Admins and pioneers of the Club at the same level. Like most of the others, we are happy being members of FPC and have this... something amongst us.

FPC: What's your message to the FPC members?
Shoot lang ng shoot! Post lang ng post! ["Keep on shooting! Keep on posting!"] However mundane you think is your subject, it's your unique point of view, an image that is not seen by others. For instance, take these shakers [arranges the salt & pepper shakers]. You can shoot these and if it appeals to you, show them what you saw. I saw a lot of newbie photos and was amazed. I thought, "They saw that? I might not."

Also, keep on improving yourself. Pat's thread about "THEN and NOW" is self-evaluating. I looked at my shots then and now and realized that I have improved.


- end -


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