Friday, July 25, 2008

POW! 4th Week of July 2008

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

0715 IMG_1038
"Full of Life"
by: JRmannn
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: FULL OF LIFE
Like a whole little world in that one drop.

Editor's Comments: - "Great capture on the reflection and great timing on the water drop."

- " I just love images where the reflection draws more attention to whats on the middle of the frame. It takes a keen eye and a lot of imagination to create that in my opinion."

"No Title"
by: Joseph Ong
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: Model; Tara
Clothes: Harvey Cenit
Maquillage: Jessie Glova

Editor's Comment: - "The cropped shot did this photo justice. The photographer's an expert when it comes to portraits and it clearly shows. Good details and great use of lighting"

- "This portrait invites me to peer into her soul. it's mesmerizing!
Softness in female portraiture still works best for me not only technically speaking but the way the model projects as well."

by: JohnnyMakati
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: - "This is post editing par excellance. The photographer is an artist. Every photos he shows us is a work of art. Not only he can photograph so well, he can beautify as well. Definitely one of the best glamour photograph of the week"

- "This has the makings of really "fine" art photography! terms of gracefulness, lighting, texture among others. "

Friday, July 18, 2008

POW! 3rd Week of July 2008

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

pinoy ako-my pride and joy
"Pinoy ako - My Pride and Joy"
by: my fLEEckr.leeviraycahili
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: “One of the great undiscovered joys of life comes from doing everything one attempts to the best of one's ability. There is a special sense of satisfaction, a pride in surveying such a work, a work which is rounded, full, exact, complete in its parts, which the superficial person who leaves his or her work in a slovenly, slipshod, half-finished condition, can never know. It is this conscientious completeness which turns any work into art. The smallest task, well done, becomes a miracle of achievement.” --og mandino

Editor's Comment: "The boy's expression exudes confidence and pride... perfect for the patriotic colors of the hat and the title given. The filtered light on the face adds dimension to the portrait. it creates enough specular highlights to bring the portrait to life!"

- "Mabuhay Philippines! The first thing came to my mind when I saw this photo. Great colors. Mabuhay ang Pinoy! "

by: Solanaboy
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: Went back to dumaguete to shoot the Pier and boy it was one hell of a day. I shot 4gb worth in the pier. I have a few more I will upload this week.

Editor's Comment: "Colors blended well with the background, not to mention the light coming behind the subject was a great touch. Always a pleasure to see underwater pictures." =D

by: chibusque
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: Photography: CHi busque of iD3 photography
Model: Luiza Rower
Hair & Makeup: Aizza Reyes for House of Laurel
Clothes by: Joe San Antonio
Agency: Chameleon Modeling Agency
Location: Jing Arroyo's Crib @ Belle Villa, Merville

Editor's Comment: "It's quite amazing when all the right elements come together in a fashion shoot. Of course good lighting and photography are a must too as you can see here."

Friday, July 11, 2008

POW! 2nd Week of July 2008

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

by: [2]rokbot[2]y
Sony DSC-R1, 1/320, f/8, 14.3mm, ISO160

Photo Description: Unibersidad ng Pilipinas, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Editor's Comment: "I'm not from UP but i like this one. It shows the blue skies with cloud formation which draws the eyes more to the background than the real subject. A novelty in composition."

grilled king prawn
"Grilled King Prawn"
by: gilbert "gilbz" gamolo
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: My favorite food...and food photography subject. =)

light set-up: one strobe with a snoot fitted with red gel above & behind the prawn, one small softbox on the left side and a small gold reflector directly below the subject.

did some color enhancement and contrast adjustment in lightroom. also did some minor detail "fixing" in photoshop.


Prawns are crustaceans, belonging to the sub-order Dendrobranchiata. They are similar in appearance to shrimp, but can be distinguished by the gill structure which is branching in prawns (hence the name, dendro=“tree”; branchia=“gill”), but is lamellar in shrimp. The sister taxon to Dendrobranchiata is Pleocyemata, which contains all the true shrimp, crabs, lobsters, etc.

As used in commercial farming and fishery, the terms prawn and shrimp are generally used interchangeably. In European countries, particularly the United Kingdom, the word “prawns” is far more common on menus than the term “shrimp”, which is generally only used in North America. The term “prawn” is also loosely used to describe any large shrimp, especially those that come 15 (or fewer) to the pound (also called “king prawns”).

source: wikipedia

Editor's Comment: "Product Photography is about lighting. This photo just tells it all. Great Lighting. Kudos to the Photographer for being unselfish and sharing to everyone how he setup his lighting technique. Thumbs up to you Gilbert!"

by: Joseph Ong
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: Model: Girly Raven Gabriel
Maquillage: Jessie Glova
Designer: Lorymer Villareal

Editor's Comment: "this is self explanatory... ok...she's lovely! ok nice lighting and she's lovely!"

Friday, July 04, 2008

POW! 1st Week of July 2008

Welcome to the return of FPC's Photos of the week.

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

by: divemaster4ever
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: Choreographed exposure shot @ Ayala Alabang Village home studio.

Editors Comment: "The work is unique to me! Use of multiple exposure or overlapping layers is very tasteful. The work as a whole is as elegant as the dancer subject who was captured in graceful motion!"

I'm the Boss here . . .
"I'm the Boss here . . ."
by: alexdpx
Canon EOS 20D, 1/1000, f/6.3, 300mm, ISO200

Photo Description: Fuwairit, Qatar, 27 June 2008
Fighting against the wind to prevent her kite from being blown away. She's one of the few women we saw parasailing but the most spectacular to watch. This girl's got some moves :)

Editors Comment: "Nice shadows on the thigh of the lady and the depth of field is pretty good. He captured the emotion pretty well. "

No One Is Convinced
"No One Is Convinced"
by: Paolo Mañalac
Nikon D80, f/8, 18mm, ISO 100, HDR 3 shots by 2 stops

Photo Description: Malapascua Island, Daan Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines...
FACT: Malapascua Island is so small you can get around on foot :D

Editors Comment: "This photo does not only show how good the composition and color was shot, but it also made me feel what my personal eyes would expect to see when i get the chance to visit this place. Superb Work."

"Im personally balled over by this image! The tones are so soothing to the eyes perhaps in part because the colors of the sky and foreground seem to harmonize. The net in the foreground offers rich texture and balance which in itself can be imagined as an extension of the sea."