Wednesday, January 17, 2007

PoW! 12th Week

Nemo is not a singer of the musical genre called "rock"
Just a dweller of rocky corals in the water pitch black.
Neither should anyone the apostle called Peter mock,
When that light from heaven leaves us very awestruck.

Under the spotlight Kevin bangs his head in the air.
Throwing his locks all about, and a dance of his hair.
Singing a song probably synchronized in a pyro fair,
Sending colors, patterns, at which we gape and stare!

Here are this weeks FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

Clown Anemone Fish
"Clown Anemone Fish"
Fujifilm FinePix F11, 1/200, f/2.8, 8 mm, ISO 100

Editors Comment: I have personally tried to do underwater photography, but only in a swimming pool. And its not as easy as it looks. I was awed with this photo. The Clarity, Sharpness and Colors are just perfect. All I can say is WoW, What a Shot.

Statue of St. Peter
"Statue of St. Peter"
by: bluejeans1200
No Exifs Available

Editors Comment: Beautiful lighting and accurately focused subject. Exposure is also spot-on despite the difficult lighting. Some might say it's post-processed but it doesn't matter. What counts is the end result.

World Pyro Olympics
"World Pyro Olympics"
by: ianong
No Exifs Available

Editors Comment: perfect timing.... The reflections of the light added x-factor! Some shots of fireworks are very ordinary. This one offers a good composition.

kevin roy
"Kevin Roy"
by: erxkulotz
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: 30 pages of shared photos and none matches the action in this concert photo by Eric. It has all the elements of a great concert photo--the spotlights, the tight grip on and coil of the microphone, the punky over-extended sleeves of a grunge shirt, the long hair and most importantly, that heavy set look and gritty teeth that is not equivalent to anger, but sheer enjoyment of the entertainer as he becomes one with the beat.

It's commendable how Eric manages a shot through that thick locks and still show the eyes and the teeth, the center of this composition. Was he banging his head in the air? That would make this even more an amazing shot :D


Anonymous said...

Dear Editors,
I can't thank you enough for choosing my photo as FPC's Editor's Choice: POW.
This really means a whole lot to me!
Muli, maraming salamat po sa inyo and more power to FPC!

Michael a.k.a bluejeans1200

JC said...

sir michael, bro ian, sir doy, bro eric, congratulations guys... your shots are very inspiring as always... more to come... c",)