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Flickered Eye

I was browsing a photo pool in one Flickr group when I saw one of his works. It was really one awesome picture. I enjoyed viewing his photos especially his portrait shots. The way he captured facial expressions is a talent. Some of his works were already published in local publications.

As I went along my interview with him, I discovered a lot of things about our featured, very creative photographer - Mr. Edwin Martinez.


Please tell us your full name and then your flickr screen name
My Full name is Edwin A. Martinez and my flickr screen name is Edwin_Martinez

Where do you live at the moment?
Manila in the weekdays and Pagsanjan, Laguna at weekends.

What is your current occupation?
Im an Assistant Vice President for Marketing for a non life Insurance Company. Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a duly registered nurse...shifted career into sales and marketing right after board exams.

Why did you choose to be in Marketing rather than being a nurse and go abroad knowing that it's a very in demand career?

By the time I graduated in 94, Nursing wasnt as in demand as now. I actually started of as a medical representative for a pharmaceautical company and saw that I liked corporate atmosphere better than hospital. But current situation is making me want to go back as nurse just need to referesh my theoretical knowledge...but im still thinking about it.
"Batang Ilog"

What is your current gear? (camera body/bodies, lenses and flash guns only)
Canon 30d with 2 lenses Tamron Xrdi 28-75mm f2.8 and Canon 50mm f1.8

Tell us about your dream gear and why?
I would like to be very realistic and conservative in my choice of dream gear. Id say Canon 5d because its full frame and the built is rugged. For the lenses a canon 10-22mm for wide, 24-70 L f2.8 for everyday and 70-200 f4 L with IS for zoom range

Who inspired you to be into photography?
I have four people to thank for. First the Abella brothers, Roland and KR. They introduced me the the age of DSLRs and enticed me to get one. For creativity and inspiration I have Manny Librodo and Parc Cruz's works to guide me.These people influenced me in so many ways to capture both the beauty and madness of the world around me.

When and how did you start being into photography?
I started photography barely 8 months ago. I started with a canon 350d, first ever camera that i can call my own. then 2 months ago I sold my 350d and bought my 30d. I was inspired to shoot by a friend Roland Abella and KR Abella who were enthusiast on their own. And as they say, the rest is history.

What’s your favorite photographic subject or subjects?
In my course of capturing the world around me, I see myself more of a portaitist. I love to capture people's faces and expression and freezing them in time. I find children as my favorite subject because of their innocence and sincerity in their expressions.

"Beauty in the Rough"

What’s your photographic ambition?
I have no ambition or aim as of this point of time. I enjoy shooting and if people would like it then Im happy.

Describe what is a "good Portrait photo" for you?
Good portrait - one that captures an expression that lasts for a lifetime. The one that could tell a story just by looking at it. For me, there is no absolute rule for portraits but only your own interpretation.

Do you follow certain technical rules in capturing different faces and expressions?
Hmm, just the right exposure and iso setting. I try to bracket shots so I could really see if i hit the right exposure. Im also into tightly cropped portraits, its more powerful when the subject fills the whole frame.

"My Fave"

Who is your favorite photographers and why?
There are so many, as mentioned above Andrez Dragan and Parc Cruz. But the one that really inspires me is the works of Manny Librodo. His works let me strive more to perfection. These photographers mentioned are non technical and self taught (just like me) they didnt attend any classes or course and yet managed to be unique in their own way.

How did you feel when some of your photos were published in Manila Bulletin last September 27,2006 and in Digital Photographer Philippines Magazine last November 2006 issue?
Well, couldnt belive it at first...I had to pinch myself to stop asking them "did you pick it right?" It was somehow a reward of all those days shooting and nights processing my photos...a reward more than money can pay.

"Batang Luneta"

"Waiting for his Passenger"

How did you find out about Flickr and the FPC group?
Through a good friend who was also featured here, Mr. Micheal Mabalay.

How did you feel when your work was one of the photos of the week for FPC?
Surprise. I just took that photo jsut this weekend for Digital Photographer Philippines theme for January 2007 issue of Unusual portraits. I was also happy and proud all of this is happening. It's a good year for me...thanks to all of you at FPC.

"Child of the River"

Aside from photography, what are your other hobbies and interests?
I enjoy drawing, playing basketball and reading books.

Any message for FPC?
As one of the fastest and most talented club/group in flickr, i believe FPC will make its mark in this international community bringing the Philippines into the spotlight. I wish FPC more power and sucess.

Edwin Martinez is one fine photographer that we should be proud of. Surely, you'll have more amazing shots to come.

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