Wednesday, January 03, 2007

PoW! 10th Week

You're the apple of my eyes; I love you dearly.
Come either rain, fire or ice; None to stop me
From taking you to the altar and say my "I do"
We'll share that apple together, 'til I'm 6 ft below!

But now you've grown tired, kick me in the face!
A Karate Kid, fired, brought me down disgraced!
You shove that heel of yours right up to my smacker
And you realize, of course, I'm a lover not a fighter!

Here are this weeks FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

Umulan Bumagyo Ayos Lang

"Umulan Bumagyo Ayos Lang"
by: Ysmael Ilagan
Essential exif: Canon EOS 350D Digital, 1/50, f/4, 28 mm, ISO 1600

Editor's Comment: A very rare wedding shot you will ever see. Kudos to the photographer with his dedication to his work even on a rainy day. You have given the couple something to cherish and keep forever, for better or for worst, for richer or for poor, 'till death do they part.

Kids at Play

"Kids at Play"
by: Andrew C. Villasis, k.i.f. as "Boso"
No exif available

Editor's Comment: Sir Alex says: "Real sports [is] action by athletes in actual competition." This is one of those "action" photos. A gritty one. The title suggests play, but you can deduce from the suits and in the facial expression of the hitter that this is the real thing! And you just can hear the "Hiyaaah!" if you turn up the volume.

Again, quoting Sir Alex: "Every sport has a peak moment. It's that part of the action where competitors engage in a flurry of graceful movements." Who would question that this shot is captured at the peak of the action? The grit on the attacker's face, the foot on the face as the hit lands, and the fending arms of the defender. Add to that the superb lighting and the delightful grouping of the spectators, adding to the density of the moment. Well done, Master Andrew!


by: G. Snowdon, k.i.f. as "Mushroom & Gadgets (SLM)"
Essential exif: Olympus SP510UZ, 0.5 sec (1/2), f/3.2, @10.9 mm, ISO218

Editor's Comment: Simplicity of composition is what grabbed my attention towards this picture. Afterwards, you just can't help but notice the color saturation and sharpness of fine details in the apple's texture.

- end -

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