Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"1 Yr Older, Wishful Thinking" - January Celebrants

Every new year gives us a clean slate to work with; a chance to correct our past mistakes and start anew. And with each brand new year, most of us set new plans and goals to improve ourselves. To start off the new year, FPC would like to feature our January celebrants and their hopes and dreams...

The Question:

What is your birthday wish and What do you want to achieve for the year 2007?

Harley501: (January 14 )

More wisdom and to have better images and hoping that this year would be the START of my plan to come out with a coffee table book featuring the richness of the culture and traditions of the proud Cordillera people.

Good health, of course, for me to reach out to more people, especially those in hard-reach areas.

To have quality time with my family. The earliest time I went home from work in 2005 was 6 p.m. and my two dogs are “clapping.”

rabbit's foot: (January18,1975)

Terenzever: (January 23, 1981)

mtxtremist: (January 24)

IceAllen: (January 31, 1981)

Hmm I've a lot of wishes on my birthday, figured if I only have one and it doesn't come true I'll just be disappointed.

Just to share a few:

-I want a spanking new 400D, still saving for this one
-leg injury to heal up soon so I can join climbs and not be a burden to other mountaineers
-get my application to work abroad noticed, hopefully i get to leave this Jan..who knows really, wish me luck ;-)
-meet more friends here in flickr and in multiply, and get to spend more time with you guys before i get to work abroad.
-and world peace...hehe joke lang, happiness and luck in lovelife ;-)

To all the birthday celebrants. More birthdays to come and hoping your wishes come true. Happy Birthday!

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