Wednesday, January 10, 2007

PoW! 11th Week

A star in the morning floating on the tiled blue water.
A spiral tail of an animal being, hypnotizes me nearer.
Evokes calm, peaceful feeling, and hidden danger.

Can it be possible you've waited for me all these years?
Unchanged and ever committed, unmoved to tears.
Like a rock, a mount planted, ignoring all your fears.

Here are this weeks FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

Floating on water

"Floating on Water"
by: Jojit Austria Yanga, k.i.f. "Lord Jit"
Essential exif: Nikon D50, 1/160, f/22, 55 mm

Editor's Comment: The photographer is really the key to every photo taken. You will see in this photo a dying flower floating on water. Usually people won't even notice it. But not Lord Jit. He made something ordinary interestingly extraordinary. Wonderful Colors and Idea.


by: Andre Cawagas, k.i.f. as "Laz'Andre"
No exif available

Editor's Comment: It's probably not exactly wildlife photography because the animal photographed here is not in the wild. However, I find this an excellent photo. Artistically, I like the way the coiled tail led my eyes out of the frame and as it does, it made me realize that I'm probably being led into the jaws of a predator. Very nice effect here Andre.

The photo is also technically excellent. Vivid colors, good focal point sharp image, and the green contrasts well with the brown branch.

post sunrise II

"Post Sunrise II"
by: TopĂȘ Claveria, k.i.f. as "Shutterborg"
No exif available

Editor's Comment: A long exposure shot with very good composition. The water is almost like a flowing dry ice.

A Lady In Waiting

"A Lady in Waiting"
by: Chris Perez, k.i.f. as "JC"
No exif available

Editor's Comment: Back in time! By putting the subject off-center and filling in the rest of the spaces with objects that suggest immobility and the past, JC successfully "slowed down" time in this photo he has also aptly titled. Like the woman has been there for ages, and when JC sees her, she's still there. Waiting. For what? To be captured and permanently frozen in this moment.

About titling. I believe that you will know that a photog is proud of his work, believes that his photo is worth showing when he pauses to think of an appropriate title. There are photogs who post their photos "untitled." Maybe it's just laziness or haste, but nevertheless, it speaks of how much a photog values his work. It is evident that JC spent a good amount of time coming out with this title, and doing so, he shared a piece of his creative mind.

- end -

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