Saturday, November 11, 2006

Super Perry

Flickr name: PowerPee

Real Name: Perry Williams S. Chua

Lives in: Quezon City, Philippines

Day Job: VP Production

Current Gear: Nikon D200, 50mm f1.8 lens, SB-800

Dream Gear: Canon Mark II n with several L lenses and Nikon D200 with 70-200mm f2.8 VR and 28-70mm f2.8 lens.

Favorite Photo Subject: None because I like to shoot anything and everything. The closest would either be toys or my daughter.

Favorite Photographers: None because I like certain styles of different photographers.

Photographic Ambition: To be able to support my family and business with this hobby and use part of my earnings to donate to charities.

I'm not sure whether Perry Chua, otherwise known as PowerPee in FPC and in flickr, agrees with the nick name given to him by his peers. But it is the nick name given to him nevertheless. Adding the word "super" to his real first name made it sound like that popular boat in the Philippines. In another way, it may be an attempt to associate him with his collection of toys and superheroes action figures. But aside from collecting toys, Perry is also known as a very talented photographer. This talent he uses to photograph his and his friends' collections and the results are nothing less than stunning.

His recent appearance on ANC and his recent "defection" to the "dark side" caused quite a stir in the discussion threads of Flickers Photo Club group. It is, therefore, with great pride that we present to you PowerPee, FPC Blog's third Featured Photographer of the Week:

FPC: Tell us briefly how you got started with photography? Were you just bitten by the shutter bug or were you infected by friends with the same hobby?

PowerPee: I was fascinated with Photography since my college days and whenever we have gatherings or reunions my cousins and I would always pose for the camera (usually I am the photographer) so the shutterbug fever bit me before then.

FPC: How long have you been a flickr member? How did you knew about it?

PowerPee: I found out about Flickr from an article in a Canon magazine that I read while lounging around in Starbucks. I tried the free account and after awhile upgraded to pro and have been a member for more than 2 years.

FPC: It’s common knowledge now that you are an avid collector of toys and comics, etc. Which among all your collection would you say is your favorite piece? And why?

PowerPee: It’s hard to say which is my favorite because I like all of them. Probably the most would be my Great Mazinger Z, which was given to me by gf before (wifey now), and also it was because of that toy that I started to collect. I like Optimus Prime the most from the Transformers line and UFO Grendizer from the Super Robots line.
FPC: Have you considered shooting your toy figurines in a "Diorama" setup?

PowerPee: As a matter of fact yes I have considered shooting toys using a Diorama setup. Unfortunately I do not have the time and the props. The pictures are more powerful and conveys a story in a diorama shot. I have seen toy shots of other Flickr members using Dioramas and the photos are fanttastic! As of the moment I am currently concentrating on my style of lighting which takes several practice on each toy. I rarely post process my toy pictures so what you see is what I take (these are the toy photos with the black backgrounds).

FPC: If you don’t mind us asking, what’s the approximate value (in Pesos or US Dollars) of your current set of collections?

PowerPee: Honestly speaking I have no idea what its worth now simply because their value appreciates (or sometimes depreciate) and I do not keep myself updated with the prices.

Superman (Variant)

FPC: Then how do you think does it compare to the current value of your photographic gear?

PowerPee: It is probably bigger than my current gear because I recently switched to Nikon he he.

FPC: Among your sets of photos I admire your toy photos the most. Can you share some tips on photographing toys effectively?

PowerPee: Thanks! Tips? But of course! I learned this technique from Jo Avila’s advance class and have been practicing with it every chance I get. For equipment you will need a tripod, remote control, flashlight and/or strobes, a DSLR (it is possible to do this with a P&S system as well but you will not get the same result) and a toy. I prefer action figures with details (McFarlane, Alex Ross, etc) mainly because of the shadows that the light creates which make them more dramatic.
  1. For camera setup, try using the following settings: Aperture = 8 or 16, Shutter = Bulb, ISO 100.
  2. Set up your toy on the table and mount your camera on your tripod. The remote control is effective because you can control how long the exposure is going to be. Once everything is set do a manual focus on your subject and before you press the shutter turn off the light in the room.
  3. Next once the lights’ out and the shutter is pressed you can use your flashlight to illuminate the subject. It takes patience and lots of practice for this to work. I would not mind sharing this in one of the regular meets.

FPC: Your photos of your toys and action figures comprises the majority of your photos. Which are you more passionate with, toy collecting or photography?

PowerPee: I am more passionate with Photography. Toy collecting is something that I have been doing for a few years now and it’s been a passion for me since I was young. Now I am incorporating my toy collection with my passion for photography and it makes collecting toys more worthwhile.

Super Saiyan Goku

FPC: Many have the impression that you are very flexible on shifting to the “dark side” anytime of the day. Why is this?

PowerPee: As of this moment I already shifted to the “dark side” and hope that I will have no regrets on this. Why? Good question. I find the colors of Nikon cameras richer than its Canon counterpart. I had a 20D and a D70 before and did a test shot using the same settings, angle, and lens and turns out that D70 came out better. Also the 18-200mm VR lens somewhat influenced me. I hate having to change lenses every now and then and this particular lens would be good for me. Moreover, those who are lazy to post process their pictures would benefit from Nikon’s line of cameras (and believe me I am lazy when it comes to pp). I started with a Canon 300D, then a D70, then a 20D, a 30D and now a D200. Who knows? I may shift back to Canon someday but as of the moment Anakin Skywalker just recruited and wants me on his team. :P

FPC: If you would have to choose only one, would it be Canon or Nikon?

PowerPee: Canon or Nikon? Hmm… this is hard. Anakin or Yoda? Given unlimited money to burn, Canon (1200mm my dream lens).

Nano Colada

FPC: What is your inspiration for shooting "Nano Colada?"

PowerPee: The Nano Colada was a last minute decision on what to shoot for the Apple contest. We were at Boracay that time and I was thinking of what subject to shoot. My uncle then told my cousin (model) to lie on the floor of the nipa hut. It was late afternoon and the lighting was just right so I took a couple of shots. Then for the final touch we added the Ipod Nano and the Pina Colada. :)

FPC: Truth or Dare? Truth: Was there ever a time when you felt extremely attracted to anyone of the models you have worked with? Dare - (We can't think of a good one.)

PowerPee: So far I am lucky because I can honestly say no he he. If ever there was one model that I would be attracted to is with Dindi (did I get her name right?) because of how she carries herself. Usually when I join Pat and the others there is going to be a particular model that I would enjoy shooting and you would notice because she would get the most exposure from my Flickr site. Ronrag does the same thing as well. He would shoot all the models but concentrate on his favorite.

FPC: What are your future plans with your photography? I mean, do you envision that one day you will quit from your current business / day job and turn your hobby into a lucrative business?

PowerPee: Future plans? Right now I am taking projects here and there to help pay for my gears. I am hoping and praying that someday this hobby of mine will help support my family and current business.

FPC: You were on television recently. Would you mind elaborating on how you got involved in that?

PowerPee: A friend knew I was collecting toys and the segment of Pia Hontiveros (ANC’s Shop talk) was about toy collecting. She called me a day before and asked me if I would want to be interviewed and I agreed. I brought a good friend with me and we had a blast. It was fun and I would not mind doing it again and the best part of the show was my toy pictures were shown on national television.


FPC: If you do ever get the chance, which charity would you like to help and why?

PowerPee: Which charity? Good question. There are a lot of charities here in the Philippines and I have no particular charity in mind. A friend and I are currently organizing a bowling tournament once a week and the proceeds are donated to 2 kids from World Vision. We sponsor these 2 kids with a year's worth of education every year. It is a good feeling to be able to help out others since God has done so much for me.

FPC: And finally, any special message for the members of Flickers Photo Club?

PowerPee: Photography is all about passion. As long as you have the desire and motivation for it you will enjoy it as a hobby and eventually as a profession and will also make lots of friends. God bless everyone in FPC!

First, there was the TV appearance. Now we have the interview. Who knows what's next . . . PowerPee: The Movie?




remedy said...

hey, hope you get more success in the future. learning that you are involve in charity work ,im sure more good things will come to you perry. btw, why didnt you mentioned your macro guessing game hehehe....congrats bro! and God Bless =)

PowerPee said...


thanks he he... a portion of what I earn usually gets donated to church. :) As for the the Macro guessing game... ha ha. God bless always and hope we get to meet someday :)

ed's said...

Another great interview and photog profile!
congrats Perry! =)

JC said...

wow! very enjoyable read... bitin... congratulations tito perry... photography needs a good heart, and you have it... keep us inspired and a good example of being a cool FPC member... c",)
more blessings to come and wish you good health and your family too. congratulations on your new gear and to your new baby... see you soon tito... c",)

ronrag said...

it's nice to know the inner thoughts of a great guy like Perry. this article was written in a casual, free-spited style by no less than the prolific contributor of this blog. my compliments to the interviewee and the writer who made this literary piece an amusing read!! and thanks to Perry for the special mention :)

PowerPee said...


thanks idol and God bless! :)


thanks for the warm words appreciate it very much! God bless :)


As always your words provide a source of inspiration for me to strive harder and now that we are are on the same side tutulungan kitang mag hatak ng kakampi! he he God bless bro! :)

aby said...

ang galing! congrats to powerpee and alex for the inspiring interview. more power to both of you! :)

powerpee said...


thanks! it is an honor! :)

alexdpx said...

Hindi na siguro kita i-congratulate, ako na nga nag-interview eh. - hehehe.

powerpee said...


ha ha ha thanks pa din...

Erwin said...

a very inspiring read. congratulations and more power to alex and perry!

Erwin said...

congratulations and more power to alex and perry! a very inspiring interview, especially you being involved in charity works. may your tribe increase!

Powerpee said...


thanks... :) May your tribe increase? Hee hee parang natawa ako dito ah... seriously thanks for taking the time to read it and hopefull fpc will be involved with charity work someday :)