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Ansmann Digicam Power Set Traveller

Ansmann powerset
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Rechargeable batteries are what’s "in" these days, not only because they are far more cost effective—they’re capable of accepting up to 1000 charge/discharge cycles-- than alkaline cells but also because alkalines shows operational inefficiency and short life when used with digicams. Our camera’s supplied rechargeable batteries need some taking care of also. They will not last to the factors of such deep discharges, over-charging and over-heating.

Have you ever experienced shooting an event wherein your batteries would just die on you? What you need to go with your batteries is a "smart" battery charger, one that diagnoses the condition of the battery, refreshes the cell and optimally recharges them--like those that a German company, Ansmann, have produced for our benefit. Majority of us, FPC members, are hobbyist and most of us probably only need a charger which can accommodate 4 pieces of AA or AAA batteries.

Ansmann Products from Germany boast of its charging and power technology for the perfect charging of your NiCD (Nickel Cadmium) and NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydrite) cylindrical/block cells. In addition, their high performance batteries are the perfect energy source for today’s various applications including digital cameras, flashlights, musical equipments and torches.

One of Ansmann’s charger that I recommend is the Digicam Power Set Traveller, consisting of the award-winning PowerLine 4 Traveller charger with 4 NiMH AA cells. This “Power Set Traveller” is an ultra-quick, microprocessor controlled, lightweight & compact charger.

It has been voted and given awards for its high and cost-efficient performance; these awards include: the Digital Photographer Buyer and User Best Buy; the Digital Photo Gold Award; the Photo-Industry Awards for Best Accessory; and, Highly Commended by

Let me explain to you what this charger does. First off, the Digicam Power Set comes complete with four AA size 2400mah cells (also includes plug adaptors for UK, Euro, US and Australia), and an automatic supply voltage changeover. It is a microprocessor device that features individual cell control. When rechargeables are inserted, it (1) first makes a quick check on capacity, (2) auto-diagnoses the state of each cell, and then (3) uses Delta Peak control for each cell’s recharge. Delta Peak has to do with the control of input voltage and cell temperature, thus minimizing damage to the cell’s chemistry and structural integrity.

Ansmann Battery Charger
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By the way, this model also has a manual feature for discharging/refreshing your batteries, for when you like the option to refresh the cells for optimum peak performance. Personally, whenever I encounter a problem with some of my old rechargeable batteries (other brands), I use this charger to refresh them, they would work fine again. The charging time is approximately 3 hours for the New NiMH batteries, 3 to 5 hours with discharge option, depending on the capacity left on the batteries. When the batteries are full, it will automatically switch-over to the safe trickle charge feature preventing it to over-charge the batteries. You will know when your batteries are ready for use if you see a steady green light on your chargers LED.

Here's the specification of the Digicam Power Set Traveller:

DIGICAM POWER-SET w/ 4pcs 2400mah NiMH Rechargeable

Here's the specification of the Digicam Power Set Traveller:
Plug in charger for 1-4 cells AA or AAA
Comes with 4 x Ansmann 2100mah cells.
Microprocessor controlled, intelligent charger
Delta V control
Top-up charging
Totally automated
Individual supervision--each battery is charged and monitored independently
Suitable for all your rechargeable batteries, including the latest high capacity versions.
Auto-diagnosis of inserted cells
Faulty cell detection
Individual charging indicators for each cell
Refresh function
Includes plug adaptors for UK, Euro, US and Australia, automatic supply voltage changeover.

Based on experience, I say that this is a quality charger which takes good care of your batteries. And to top it all, it has a 3-year warranty! What else can you ask for? If your interested with the Ansmann Digicam Power Set or have some questions about it, please do let me know. Flickr mail me.

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