Wednesday, November 08, 2006

PoW! 2nd Week

Over 1,800 photos, 30 pool pages, within a week is a lot of photos to go through since the first PoW! But we promised you, and we've committed to deliver, and so, we are proud to present to you our 2nd batch of great FPC captures in this issue of our "Editors' Choice: Photos of the Week" (or simply "PoW!", with the punch!) feature.

You will notice a difference in the presentation of the photos, i.e., they are now all presented as "collective choices" of the Editors (so you won't know who picked what photo! Hehe). However, the Editor's comment is kept intact in the first person. There is no specific category assigned to each Editor; thus, each one is free to make his own rule in selecting or the photo category within which to pick the PoW!

These are this week's PoW!, in no order of preference:

- 1 -
Ford Super Model of the World Philippines 2006

"Ford Super Model of the World Philippines 2006"
by: Ian Ong, k.i.f. as "ianong"
Essential exif: Canon 30D, Sigma 18-125mm lens @ 125mm, f/10, 1/60sec, ISO800

The photo was taken during Ford Super Model of the world Philippines 2006 held at Rockwell Tent.

Editor's comment: "Fashion Photography at its best. Great lighting, sharp and crystal clear colors. Very nice cropping, too. If I didn't know who took this, I would have thought that this was taken by an international professional photographer."
- 2 -

by: "we are fame! ... UrFame", k.i.f. as "urfame"
Essential exif: Canon 400D, Canon EF 75-300mm lens @ 135mm, f/4.5, 1/25sec, ISO1600

Photog's comment: "... the surgeon general says, "watching me that long could be dangerous to your health!" [Yeah... right!]

Editor's comment: "Honestly, I would rather select something else because there are people here who can disect a portrait shot better than I can. But the appeal of this photo is irresistable to me.

"Not to mention that the subject is undoubtedly very attractive but what I really liked about it is the look and facial expression captured -- it would melt anyone's heart! (The comments [on the photo] lend credence to this! Check them out.) If she's your girlfriend, partner or wife, I'm sure this is the photo that you would have on your wallet, your PDA, your celfone or even desktop wallpaper and would be proud to show to your friends who haven't met her.

"I think the technical qualities are irrelevant so I won't go there. It may not be perfect but it's not below average either. But when a photo works, does it really matter?"
- 3 -
hidden smile

"Hidden Smile"
by: Terence Ver Angsioco, k.i.f. as "terenzever"
Essential exif: Canon 350D, Canon 18-55mm

Editor's Comment: "Our friend Terezever made this shot on a DIY studio using nothing but styrofoam and some modified home furnishings. Clearly, this photo shows that you dont need bulky and expensive studio equipment to capture lovely portraits. All you need is Creativity, good old Filipino Ingenuity and, of course, a close friend willing to pose for you. =)

"By the way, he's also kind enough to include a short tutorial regarding the home studio set-up he made for this shot."

- 4 -

by: Marvin Maning, k.i.f. as "[2]rokbot[2]y"
Essential exif: Sony DSC-R1 @ 14.3mm, f/2.8, 1/80sec., ISO600

Photog's Comment: "These folks are selling candles for a living during the celebration of All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day. I was instantly excited seeing them from a far and got the best area to shoot them because their faces speak so much about life and the realities of living a very hard life.... [Taken at] Carretta Public Cemetery, Gen. Maxillom Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines."

Editor's Comment: "I took about an hour to pick 9 Photojournalistic photos from about 28 pages, took me another 30 minutes to look at the photos and decide which to feature as PoW! Agreeing with the photog, the 'faces [of the people in this photo ] speak so much about... living a very hard life.' Not to say that Photojournalism is only about showing suffering and misery.

"I believe that, in the interest of showing 'hard life,' this kind of photo of elderly subjects with beaten wrinkled knuckles and face creased over by the daily worries is one of the most effective . It is therefore, logically better that this was a frontal photo--and multiplied by 2!

Now, if we could just all put titles to great captures... :D"

- end -

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Linus said...

Beautiful, yes, grace and vigor-- gorgeous people, you could see the fun they were having in the way they cast their eyes, or the relaxation on their faces. (Always watch the hands-- they MUST tell the truth.