Wednesday, November 15, 2006

PoW! 3rd Week

It has been a very busy week, with everyone, including the editors haven’t had much chance to discuss anything new.

Inspite of life's daily grind, we managed to bring you new blog articles and as usual, nothing stopped us from choosing photos for this weeks Editor's Choice PoW!

These are this week's PoW!, in no order of preference:

City light

"City Light"
by: Igor Maminta also known as "igorms"
Nikon D70s, 80 sec (80), f/32, 24 mm, ISO 200

Editors Comment: Rarely would you see a cityscape shot at night with the Moon above it. I guess the photographer was on the right spot, time and night. He probably was wishing that he was with someone special during this romantic view of the city. What could he be dreaming of during the 80secs exposure? :D Wonderful Night Shot.

lice lies lice

"lice lies lice"
by: Erwin Pascua also known as "kabukiph"
Pentax *ist DS, 0.001 sec (1/750), f/5.6, 200 mm

photogs description: in the middle of the buzzling A. Bonifacio Avenue in Laloma QCee

Editors Comment: This is an example of being at the right place at the right time. Never leave your house without a camera for you might stumble upon moments like this one. As the saying goes "Better to have one and don't need it rather that need one and don't have it"

Alcano Semi

"Alcano Semi"
by: Rey Nocum
Canon EOS 350D, 140mm, f/2.8, 1/160 sec, ISO 800

Editors Comment: This is what sports photography is all about. Capturing a decisive moment and telling a story. The look of deep concentration in the player's eyes, the position of the balls, the blurred corner pocket . . . do I have to say what he's trying to do here? I thought not.

I've seen Rey's other photos of other billiard action shots and honestly, there are other technically better photos. Sharper, brighter, more tightly composed - but this one is the most effective. I'm glad this is the one Rey chose to contribute to the FPC pool.

Calm Waters

"Calm Waters"
by: Mike Serrano
Nikon D70s, 114.4 sec (572/5), f/22, 18 mm

photogs description: "I got my inspiration from a photo I saw in a brochure of Nikon featuring an MC DC1 shutter cord. I finally got it right this time with just one take! The first time I tried to achieve this result was in Batangas. However, the tide made it impossible to do so.

"I achieved this effect using long exposures. Doing so will make water look like fog. For long exposures, timing is very important. Proper lighting is also key --- not too dark and not too bright."

Editors Comment:
"6 choice landscape photos and I'd say I have to take my hats off this one by Mike. Taking time to plan your landscape shoot and not being overwhelmed by the passion of the moment and click away may be one of the most valuable lessons aspiring landscape photographers will ever learn.

"By long exposure, the waters became soft and the features of the rock formations stood out, creating that stark contrast. Although, we don't see the sun here, these two elements--rock and water--are enough to make this landscape capture a superb one. It is one shot that could easily find its way into magazines, if Mike had an opportunity."


john edward said...

awesome set! the best yet!!!

Jen said...

ang gagaling naman, congratulations all...... (at last marunong na ako magpost ng comment!)

Linus said...

Ang ganda ng mga kuha.

Linus said...

Ang ganda ng mga kuha.