Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Editors' Choices: FPC Photos of the Week

Has the week been like dragging too long now and you're looking for something fresh and exciting? Do you want to perk up your Wednesday to get you through to Friday? We have a weekly treat for you! It's a new feature of the FPC Blogspot which showcases photos of the Club members.

Each week, we, the editors of the blogspot will choose several photos for the regular feature "Editors' Choices: Photos of the Week." We will comment on the photos, stating why we picked it for the week's batch. We will put the name of the photographer so you would know whom to ask if you need exif details.

And if you are an FPC member, keep those photos coming! Who knows when they will be picked as one of the "Photos of the Week?" and isn't that worth taking your friends for a celebration? Now, go check out the first batch of photos we chose for this week!

FPC members and FPC Blog readers, welcome to our first Photos of the Week feature. We'll be doing this on a weekly basis to commend photos that are, in our opinion, "a job well done."

Hocchuan's Choice: late catch . . . by mtxtremist

"This photo did it for me from the time I saw it. From the View to the Person to the silhouette and the capture of the net.

I've always wondered how this kinds of photos are made. Is it purely Photoshopped? I'm no photoshop artist and I would like to always keep in my mind that this kind of shots, the color, sharpness and the composition could be done without any photoshop at all. Can it be done? :)"

late catch . . . by mtxtremist
Canon EOS 350D, 18mm, 1/2500 sec, f/3.5, ISO 100

Neiltot's Choice: SM-Mall-of-Asia by Rey Nocum

"Execution is just perfect. Timing, Philippine Map on the Globe, no visible pedestrian or traffic, everything."

SM-Mall-of-Asia by Rey Nocum
HDR, Canon EOS 350D, 38mm, Aperture Priority f/4, ISO 200

rareimages by shutterbugrer's Choice: Artistic and Tasteful by John Edward

"I chose this photo as my pick for this week under the Portrait, Glamour or Fashion category, because of its outstanding composition--the bodies caught bent backwards but not hiding the faces which shows effortlessness. The form suggests grace of movement accentuated by the fingers of the dancers barely touching each other and forming a circular pattern suggesting the harmony between dancers. And finally, the warm background blur that sets the overall mood of the image in total warmth fit for the theme of the dance, albeit its suggestiveness."

Artistic and Tasteful by John Edward
Canon EOS 30D, 24mm, 1/60 sec, f/4, ISO 1000

alexdpx's Choice: Sunrise Jump by Rastamarie

"Why this was chosen?Absolutely stunning. What caught my eyes are the stunning colors and the well defined silhouettes of the mountain and the mountaineers in the distance. But most importantly, it's that jumping climber that made this photo stand out from any other sunrise / sunset photos I've seen. First the figure is unmistakably human with outstretched arms and all ten fingers clearly recognizable. The way he jumped was also unique. Second, I like the way the jumping man was positioned - right in front of the sun - to reduce the glare and blown out highlights.The photo gives a clear message of man being one with nature."

Sunrise Jump by Rastamarie
Canon EOS 350D, 18mm, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO 100

To mtxtremist, Rey Nocum, John Edward and Rastamarie - eight thumbs up! We are now in the process of selecting the next batch of photos for next week so keep clicking those shutters and posting those photos.


Note: This is not a photo contest.


ed's said...

Congrats! to the people behind this exciting feature of FPC! ang galing nyo! =D

alexdpx said...

ehem! ehem! hindi namannnn . . .

aby said...

congrats! ang ganda ng lahat ng photos! :)