Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Photographer and a Mother

Who is our featured photographer?

She is a person who can see pure heart. she believes what she think is right (not basing on other's opinions) and stand up for it all the way. She loves like there's no tomorrow, a loving person and always making your day full of laughter. She radiates warmth to everyone she knows and shows compassion to others always... she is a believer and through her camera, she documents all the things caught her attention to show her appreciation to the Creator of how beautiful the world He created for all of us and share whatever she has to everyone... in one word, i can say, she is a very true friend/sister.

She is a live wire, one who never runs out of excitement and energy. That's why all of her photographer friends really enjoy her company during photoshoots. I fondly call her "Atchi Jen" (ate in chinese) not only because she is years and years older than me (ok wag magalit ha?) but because she treats me like a younger brother- out there to look after her friend's best interest.

She's a very passionate and talented photographer and a very down to earth person, you can easily get to know her in a instant when you meet her thats why everyone knows her as atchie (sister) jen.

When you're down & want to be cheered up, then, she's the right person She's someone who you can always count on to, someone who values friendship so much, someone who you can talk to anything under the sun & of course she's someone who will give you good advices in life .... she's my 2nd MOM

FPC: Please tell us your full name and then your flickr screen name.
LG: Jenniefer Go Yu, flickr screen name is Lady Guinevere

FPC: Why Lady_Guinevere for a screename? Can you please tell us the story behind it?
LG: Well the story behind my screen name is actually a boring one. Guinevere is a variation of Jenniefer (three e's). Nothing to do with the King Arthur, Sir Lancelot thing (it sure would've added more spice to our life though! Hahaha).

FPC: Where do you live at the moment?
LG: San Rafael Village, Balut, Tondo.

FPC: What is your current occupation?
LG: Full time housewife & mom

FPC: What is your current gear? (camera body/bodies, lenses and flash guns only)
LG: Canon 400D, Canon A430, Olympus720sw, Olympus C211 & SonyDCR-PC105. lenses are CANON EF24-105mm L IS USM, Sigma 70-300mm APO DG MACRO, CANON EF100mm MACRO and one flash 580EX, infrared sender(for studio use in place of a flash)...

FPC: What’s your favorite photographic subject or subjects?
LG: kids and animals.

hey, no more pictures!!!
"Hey, No more Pictures!!!"

and capturing moments like this is indeed thrilling for me = )


FPC: Any favorite photographer in particular?
LG: everybody's a favorite = )

FPC: Tell us about your dream gear.
LG: My dream gear is a 5D and a 70-200mm L IS USM plus another 580ex.

FPC: What’s your photographic ambition?
LG: Photographic ambition???? be a featured photographer in National Geographics. hahaha

FPC: When I informed you that we have chosen you to be our featured photographer, You reacted "wow, hihihi knilig naman ako...." , Bakit ka kinilig? :D
LG: As commonly known, I am no professional photographer, nor am I educated in photography, as some of my peers here in FPC are. It really made me feel "kilig-to-the-bones" to be chosen as one of your featured photographers, an honor indeed to be included among those whom I think are good photographers. For me, to be told that I am worthy of being featured, is an honor indeed, an achievement, another feather in my cap.

don't be afraid
"Don't be Afraid"

FPC: How did you know about FPC? Who invited you to join?
LG: I've been invited to FPC by Robert (rareimages), thus making me aware of this group.

FPC: Is photography to you just a hobby or you would like it to be your business as well in the future?
LG: Photography is just a hobby. It helps me take my mind off things that are troubling me. As a business... who would not want it to, right? But for now, I am content to let this just be a hobby...

to have and to hold...
"To have and to hold"

FPC: Your Son, What's his name again? Seems like his getting addicted to this hobby also. What would you like him to do with this Hobby for his future?
LG: His name is Jurrick, our eldest son. Well it is not only him who is addicted to photography, even his dad and siblings are. About what I want him to do with this hobby of his, I believe he should follow his heart. My role as a parent is to guide him and to constantly remind him that no matter how good you are as a photographer, you still need education.

FPC: How did you get "addicted" to photography?
LG: A year ago, I joined, and one of the sub-forums I always visit is the "Dark Room" where members discuss everything related to photography, and post pictures. Seeing the beautiful pictures posted by the members, I started sharing our pictures and along the way I got to know Ogie, Ahia Daniel, Gelbert, Michz, and a whole lot more. Yup, there's a lot if us there posting pictures and a lot of who are able and willing to share tips and tricks in Photography and Photoshop.

I became close and fast friends with all of them. The closest was Ogie who almost everyday together with ahia Daniel & Kuya Nelman, encouraged me and showered me with praises, boosting my morale and fueling my addiction. (In short, BI "bad-influence hahaha). From then on, after meeting each other in different EB's, we would post pics and admire and share stories.

my love is like a rose
"My love is like a rose"

One day, I woke up feeling dissatisfied with the limitations of my P&S cameras (as per Ogie's prediction). I dreamed of having a DLSR just like Ogie has, but since his was way too expensive, I ended up with a 350D instead :D And if I remember correctly, it was my ahia Daniel who encouraged me to get a Flickr account. Addicted? Nah! I'm more addicted to sharing what I see and sharing them with my friends. Taking pictures is one of my ways of expressing myself. And as we all know, photographs preserve the moment =D (kodak moment!) bow!

And yup! May I, through this, thank all those who have touched my life including my heart? Thank you Ahia Daniel & Ogie Douggie for the constant encouragement when I was just beginning in this hobby of mine. Thank you Karen, you know what for. To JC,Lenard, LJ, kuya Jun & Allen, specially to Bubu, part of my emotional maturity I owe to you guys, so thank you also. Thank you Pat (my sounding board), Kuya Ron (because of your unconditional friendship), Robert & Abby (for being good to me) and Andrew (just because). To FPC, for thinking I am worth featuring, my heartfelt gratitude.

the wedding kiss
"The Wedding Kiss"

Oops! Special mention pala si Eds, syoti, so many many thanks for your patience in explaining "aperture" at "shutterspeed," etc. At last, now I know what they are = ) And to those I failed to mention, you know who you are ;P I'm sorry because Pat might change his mind if I made the list longer!

And last but not the least, to the person who I owe all this to, Daddy (my King Arthur), thank you!!! Now I am a featured photographer!!! You always say I am playful. Now, I think you can say that I am really serious!

and guys, please do visit , this is my mother forum, my very first online family and where my hobby started.


ronrag said...

damn... why would Pat omit me to give a testimonial to this awesome friendly Lady?? well, good thing there's this comment box where i can share some unsolicited kind words about LG. to start with, she's truly a real person, "no ifs no buts" sort of a person. you can divulge anything to her and she can be objective without trying to please you. when you're in her company, you'll always treasure that sweetest smile and warm friendship which is typically LG. when she don't like you, she'll try to avoid you but when she likes you, you'll always see a sparkling sight on her face the moment she sees you!! i seldom call any flickerian as friend and she's certainly one whom you can find on my friends' list!!

Daniel said...

Syobe, Congratulations!!! you deserve this and much much more! Na touch ako na na special mention pa ako. God bless you syobe =)

usclabdog said...

heyyyy! congrats LG,youre an inspiration to those wo are just starting to learn photography (that includes me)=)

Anonymous said...

The first time we met, I already felt at ease with her. She’s just so full of energy and her exuberance is contagious. Even before I was introduced to her I already felt that we’d get along well and when we did meet it was like seeing an old friend after years of being apart. It’s not everyday I get to meet a good conversationalist like atchi and I feel really blessed to have her as one of my friends.

That’s my Atchi Jen. One of a kind. A Loving mother. A brilliant photographer. One of the most brutally frank people I've ever met. A sincere and protective friend. And now FPCs featured photographer!

Congratulations Atchi, I’m so proud of you. You deserve recognition for your art and I’m thankful for the people who made that possible as well. You’ve made the right choice.

Do keep up the good work. May you grace more people with the pleasure of your company and may your positive attitude and generosity rub off on everyone you meet.

-Your syobe who loves you.

JC said...

congratulations atchie... you know that i love you starting day 1 i've known you... i'm so happy for this achievement of yours. kaladkarins are so proud of you... more blessings to come your way atchie. i am always here for you... God bless... c",)

junmark said...

Congrats to our big bundle of joy! Big as in big of heart, big laughter, and big in friendship. She's a real friend and a joy to be with.