Friday, March 09, 2007

FPC February Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the FPC February Monthly Contest - "RED" Theme.

We would also like to to congratulate all the people who have submitted their entries. All of you are winners.

"The Entries"

Here are the top 3 winners.

3rd Place Winner

Image Hosted by
"Red Shroud"
by: Ryuji23

About the Photo: This is a spontaneous concept, actually we haven’t plan any layout, we just placed the veil covering most of her upper portion but to the point that her face would still be visible to have a sudden mysterious appearance of the subject.

Naming the Image the “Red Shroud” pertains that the final output of the image looks like a mysterious lady covering her body with a shroud.

2nd Place Winner

Image Hosted by
"Lady in Red"
by: Squareroot

About the Photo: I chose this photo for the contest because there was something about the model's eye, parang inaakit ka niya, come here! :P Without her doing anything. I was choosing between this photo and the one I took in the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. I chose the first because I like the mood of the light and the posture of the model.

1st Place Winner

Image Hosted by

About the Photo:"Red Bashing" is the product of two weeks of brain-wracking. I self-imposed a deadline for myself that I should shoot the best idea I have in mind before the last week of the month begins. I avoided the usual images that abound in February, like the red hearts and red roses, red gifts and red signs. Yes, even the ubiquitous and macabre "blood idea!" For example, I also thought a hand bloodied by clenching a red rose by its thorn.

A red veil is, by now, a common idea (the veil, specifically) but nevertheless I bought one. I haven't shoot a model in a red veil anyway. I got one with embroidered flowers which are striking when shown against the forehead or the cheek of a model. I bought a card because it has a red Ace of Hearts (but we never got to use it). I also bought a red screen plate mat through which I shot a model (but the effect was unsatisfactory).

Passing by the bookstore one day to buy rubber stamp pad, I saw TIME magazine with its signature red border. I thought maybe I could build on that red frame spark but not copying that as is. A red heart border is gravitating to that which I was avoiding... a simple red rectangular frame with an angry model inside is simplistic... what to do with red... think, think think!

Then, chiiing!, what if I shot that angry model with a fist through the red velvet paper?! That was my best idea, so I shot it. We shot it last. My companion Ryuji and my wife Abby shot also the model through the bashed frame--just the face framed and also one in which she was holding a camera. Of course, I did not let them copy-shoot my composition! Haha! Ryuji shot a model inside the veil which I held by its ends to flatten it by the face area so that the facial features show through. And he won 3rd place! :D

Cheers! :D

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