Thursday, March 29, 2007

FPC PoM, February 2007: Eric Espenida

Our Photographer of the Month (PoM) is last month's PoM! I've worked with him in several occasions and I can attest to his passion with what he does. Having said that, there is no more guessing who he is! Presenting to you our PoM for February, 2007: Eric Espenida, known in flickr as "Ryuji23."

Ryuji earned the PoM award for this month by accumulating more points than others who participated in the monthly theme photo contest and in one or more of the OTS of FPC events during February, e.g., "Hot Air Balloon Festival." He won 3rd place (2nd runner up) in both contests. The total points he earned for February is as follows:

We sent a flickr mail to him, like we did last month and asked him a few (more) questions:

FPC: Is it sweeter the second time around?
Ryuji: Both times are sweet! I'm so thankful to FPC that it gave me this award. Again! Maybe I got lucky. Again. Hihihi. I'm happy for it!

FPC: Do you think you can bag it again next month?

Ryuji: I don't think so! There are so many great photographers in the group, especially the new members. I've looked at most of their pictures and... wow! I just tell myself that I have to keep on learning new approaches, new ideas and composition in order for me to be at their level.

PC: In case some generous souls gave you prizes for being twice PoM, what's on your wish list?
Wish list? Hmmm... that's embarrasing! But I think it's not a crime to dream, right? Well, here's what I've been dreaming, things that would take me 5 to 10 years more before I could afford them:

1. Nikon D200
2. Nikkor 18-200mm VR
3. SB800 or SB600 flash
4. Studio or Outdoor shoot with a celebrity or famous fashion model (sigh!)
5. Flickr "pro" account! Hihi

It's just a wish list! Hehe

Again, I would like to thank FPC and all its members. We should be proud of our group! Congratulations also to us for hitting the 600th membership mark! Yehey! Let's keep promoting our group so that we can reach 25 million also! Hehe

- end -

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