Wednesday, February 21, 2007

PoW! 17th Week

One quail egg dropped on something blue
Still one great creativity, although not new.
Great dome of steel shimmering on the water,
Stands as witness to the sky getting darker.
Rows of colorful houses line up the street,
Riveting your attention with pattern to beat.

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

Quail egg
"Quail Egg"
by: jay chef
Canon EOS 300D Digital, 1/60, f/13, 50mm, ISO 100

Editor's Comment: Excellent Food Photography. This is a kind of shot that I would love to learn how to do. Great Imagination by the Photographer. Color, Composition and Lighting is just perfect!

blue twilight
"Blue Twilight"
by: Luis Reyes
Nikon D200, 2.2 sec(11/5), f/4, 12mm, ISO 100

Description: I was on the way from downtown Vancouver when on the spur of the moment I decided to stop by the Science World Museum and was greeted by an awesome twilight. I was realle glad I stopped to take some photos. I uploaded a larger size which I hope people can see as the small size loses all the beauty of the scene.

Editor's Comment: The best time really to do night photography is at twilight , not actually at night when sunlight has totally faded. Although the sun has set, it still casts some faint light and beautiful colors into the evening sky. At the same time, the buildings artificial lights are fully lit.

For this particular shot, the photographer did just that. As a bonus, he has chosen a waterfront cluster of buildings where the lights from the sky and from the buildings are reflected on calm water filling the whole frame with interesting colors and patterns. Absolutely gorgeous!

Post Card Row (San Francisco)
"Post Card Row (San Francisco)"
by: Waves
No Exifs Available

Description: I used to live down the street from here. And part of it was chasing 5 Fulton (bus that goes downtown) to go to work. Hmmm, I wonder why the memory of chasing the bus sticks out. I could think of better and happier memories but I love the Bus chasing memory best. LOL

Yes, this is another spot in San Francisco that has been photographed a million times.

Editor's Comment: It's been photographed a million times, maybe. But this one strikes the eye with immediate astonishment. The high contrast works well for this one, bringing out the bare necessary detail of the row facade of the houses. The pattern and the angle at which the houses were taken creates a succession of pleasing images, in a fashion, in music, called "crescendo.

I don't know if the sky helps that it is very blue. Maybe it doesn't matter anymore because your eyes will be riveted on the rows of colorful patterns. Also, you won't probably notice immediately that the line of trees along the street, obviously, is not green. But again, it might not matter anymore. The span of the center of the frame holds your attention.


Anonymous said...

congratulations guys!

JC said...

congratulations guys... truly deserving... this particular PoW are just blends together... all are dramatically taken and the beautiful natural colors are perfectly captured... c",)