Monday, February 05, 2007

FPC January Photo Contest Winners

The Flickers Photo Club inagurated their First Monthly Contest and announced It's Year Round Photo Contest Last January '07.

This Month of January the contest theme was "Portraits" and here are the winners for this month.

3rd Place Winner

"Hidden Beauty"
by: Ryuji23
Nikon D70s, 1/60, f/14, 50 mm

About the Photo: In this layout, I want to show or emphasis that the subject, even though she doesn’t totally expose her face, still oozes with a charming beauty. And despite her benefits, She still tends to cover it to keep her beauty unnoticed.

I was inspired to use the power of the veil, to cover some parts of the subjects face and only emphasis mainly on the eyes to give vagueness to the image.

2nd Place Winner

Persian Princess
"Persian Princess"
By: Shutterglass
No Exifs Available

About the Photo: Exotic and enchanting. No one knows what mystic wonders lie behind her entrancing eyes. The portrait displays Erica in a new role, defining her versatility prowess. Her extremely unique set of eyes, which can be further enchance by isolating it from the rest of her beautiful face.

1st Place Winner

Bunso (Youngest)
"Bunso (Youngest)"
by: rastamarie
No Exifs Available

About the Photo: He is ate Mila's youngest son. They live in Mt. Batulao, Batangas. Whenever I climb there, I always take pictures of this kid because I love the way he looks and his eyes are very expressive. I promised myself that I will capture one good portrait of this kid when I get a DSLR and I just did when we went there last January.

"All the entries are award-winning, but there has to be only 3 winners..." Congratulations!

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