Thursday, February 22, 2007

FPC @ Children of Joy Foundation

Happy Kids!
"Happy Kids!"
FPC Childrens Joy Foundation Charity Event
Photo by: Hocchuan on 18 Feb '07, 10.02am CST.

"They benefit most who serve best." This is one of Rotary Club's mottos and taking it to heart, Flickerians (as FPC members are otherwise known) unite to serve the less fortunate--a way of sharing what blessings they have received, and a sober reminder that if they have a DSLR in their possessions, they probably are better off than the majority of the Filipinos.

It was started by the thread "Being of Service to Persons With Disabilities and Other Needies" which showed the generous and willing nature of many Flickerians. The Admins decided first that they should be the one to support this and thus gathered up an amount amongst themselves and then, thrust the idea to the members. Not surprisingly, the plan was met with enthusiasm with one member immediately depositing a considerable sum of amount to the designated bank account. Other donations in kind were committed and gathered at the place of origin or was taken directly to the site on the day of the event.

FPC at Children's Joy Foundation
"FPC at Children's Foundation"
A post valentine event of Flicker Photo Club
with Children's Joy Foundation Kids.
Photo by: Ed's

Flickerians donated cash, old clothes and toys, and served food from cash donations. Jollibee was contracted to do the feeding and the maskot bee was there to sing and dance to the delight of the children. On the other hand, an Admin, through her girlfriend who works at Starbucks, brought the day's unsold pastries, cakes and an assortment of breads.

Kamalayan and Macoi
"Kamalayan and Macoi"
Presenting the Future Filipino "FPC" Photographer
Photo by: Rastamarie

Flickerians mingled and played with the children, even sung and danced with them. My! Diane is no match for the talented girls of the Foundation! In comparison, she "had two left feet!" And guess what the musician kids were singing during the FPC communion. No wouldn't have guessed they were songs from the popular feel-good movie for the young, "High School Musical." And yes, Diane was belting them too!

[rarerimages] FPC Charity, Bring Them Joy
"FPC Charity, Bring them Joy"
Photo by: rareimages by shutterbugrer

And then it was time to say goodbye. We were readying to leave when we noticed that the children were gathering at the middle. Then, the signal was given and we were serenaded by multitudes of little "Thanks!" in a song. Two songs. No one was teary eyed (at least to my knowledge), but we all appreciated the gesture and gave them a warm of applause, for their performance and as a sign that we accept their gratitude. And then, they started approaching us, taking our hand and tapping the back of the palm on their forehead--a gesture we Filipinos call "mano," for showing respect and thanks.

Teaching the Kids
"Teaching the Kids"
FPC Childrens Joy Foundation Charity Event
Photo by: Hocchuan

We left hungry and so while eating "dry" on the sidewalk, without drinks, we struck on the idea to raid Anne's mansion. And we had great time there!

We are sure we will do this again.

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JC said...

congratulations to FPC... truly, touching lives beyond photography... i am proud to be a member of this great community... more power and blessings to the group! long live FPC!!! mabuhay!!! c",)