Wednesday, February 07, 2007

PoW! 15th Week

Reyna's big round eyes and radiant smile
Lights up the page in black and white style.
Sir Willy draws forth childhood memories,
With a man and his dog among the big trees.

Honor your beloved and lift her up high,
Along the baywalk, into the glow in the sky.
Then walk with her into an enchantment
Among the pines, take your time well spent.

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

Enchanted Forest - S3isBaguio06_28SEPIA
"Enchanted Forest"
by: Daniel Y. Go
Canon PowerShot S3 IS, 1/100, f2.7, 6mm

Editor's Comment: I always love photos that have a dream like quality in it. It is very refreshing to look at after a hard days work. The Sepia works well for this one.

Philippine Yatch Club
"Philippine Yatch Club"
by: Boso
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: When I saw this photo. I instantly tagged it as a favorite. The concept was way too cool and romantic because of the whole set up and background. Not to mention Perfect Timing, Composition and Exposure.

Reyna Lizaso
"Reyna Lizaso"
by: Joachim Guanzon
Canon EOS 20D, 1/60, f3.5, 200mm, ISO 100

Editors Comment: Yes, I managed to resist the onslaught of Erica pics. Make no mistake, I've become a big fan of her too. However, this child portrait is so captivating and I find it even harder to resist.

What's not to like? The little girl's sparkling eyes is just precious and that finger on her lower lip not only showed her fun character but also made look like a pro model. And . . . that smile is simply adorable.

It's a technically sound piece of work as well. Good tonal range, nice shallow DOF with the eyes well in sharp focus and I especially liked that "soft" quality which is just right - not over sharpened to the point that it would look "hard".

walk the dog 3
"Walk the Dog 3"
by: Wilfredo Pascual
Canon EOS 30D, 1/320, f14, 34mm, ISO 1600

Editor's Comment: Very seldom does a photo evoke from inside you one pleasant mix of feelings of nostalgia, peace, and sheer otherworldliness. This one by Sir Willy, who is one of my very first contacts in flickr, takes my memories back to my provincial days of care freeness, walking among the big trees with my own dog, romping on the hills in the afternoon, where I can watch the sun go down beyond rolling grasses and the chimneys of a tobacco factory beyond the fence of a big cemetery.

Beyond these personal musings, this photo presents, at the same time, grandeur and simplicity, timelessness and temporariness, chaos and calm. There is unmistakable eeriness in its entirety with the patches of brightness in between the branches of the trees. And there is familiarity in its detail, with the texture of the tree, and the man and the apparent countenance of his pet dog.

Cheers to my admired long time flickr contact, a photographer and writer par excellence, Sir Willy!


wilfredo pascual said...

wow. thank you po for the wonderful comment.

many, many thanks for the feature. i am so delighted. bow ako sa galing ng ibang pics na nakasama ko.

Linus said...

congrats Andrew, Willy, and Joachim for the wonderful photos. You inspired us all.