Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The 1st FPC Anniversary Party

There are no people more tensed than the Admins of Flickers Photo Club (FPC, www.flickersphotoclub.com) as the days wore out. They have been planning for this event since the start of the year, having experienced some snugs over the venue and other issues, arising obviously out of their want to make this event a big astounding one. In the end, they decided to make it as convenient and fun for all the members and thus, announced to hold the 1st Founding Anniversary of FPC within Metro Manila, not out-of-town as earlier planned.

Realizing that what really matter most are the "F", "P", and the "C" -- "Friends, Photos, and Cameraderie" (yup, that's spelled correctly: CAMERAderie). Therefore, they concentrated on giving the members a night of fun, friendship and lots of model shoot! Once everything was finalized, the invitations were sent out to the members via flickrmail, the venue was readied and the food and the models in the waiting.

Members responded and the invitations were answered, the registry filled up with member names. All is set by the end of the week. The big day came.

FPC's Party Teaser
Photo by: Hocchuan

The big day came and silence enveloped the online threads of FPC, except maybe punctuated by the far voices of members who are based outside of the Philippines and those in the provinces. However, at the clubhouse and pool part of Town and Country Gardenville where Anne Herschelle lives, there was commotion of people carrying cameras and models and makeup artists touching up on the art for the oncoming show. People with black (and also white) shirts with familiar words etched across the front and back start trickling into the clubhouse. There is no mistaking that the FPC anniversary party is well underway! The garroulous, host, JC, is at the microphone belting out Angela Bofill's"You Should Know by Now" (weird, he sounded like a real woman!) and Pat, Robert with his wife, Abby, busy on the counter registering in the people and doling out the shirts (for a price of course!).

Singing Kael and Mtxtremist
Ppaps and JC - Kael and Mtxtremist

Jepoy, JE and Lenard Po
Rey Nocum, Tuklaw, Shot-goon and lightroom - Jepoy, John Edwards and Lenard Po

Kael and julygarcia lenard.anne.jc
Kael and julygarcia - Lenard Po, Spiegelbild and JC

M&M LJ&Rabbitsfoot
Whiteknight and Mercedes - Lordjit and Rabbitsfoot

FPC Anniversary Party FPC Anniversary Party
Powerpee and Spiegelbild - Kamalayan, ten_paras and Whiteknight

The food came with the ensuing "round table discussions." Everyone has someone to talk to. Flickr names now with FPC faces, laughing together, singing together... and yeah, shooting each other -- "trigger-happy" as Ronnie would say. The program went on and lo and behold! Ronnie would thank Canon! Well, he spoke for the group, so that must be really sincere. Other Admins welcomed the members and basically, JC and Jen had the microphone to themselves all the time, talking incessantly. Robert presented the PoW!s (Photos of the Week!) from its start in November to the week of the Anniversary, and you could just see the photographers face light up when their photos came on the screen. With now itchy trigger fingers, the members are summoned to go feast their cameras on the waiting models by the pool. And from there they did not come back anymore!

KC, Dana, Me and Sharla FPC Anniversary Shoot: Three Piece

Fran of Final Fantasy XII Dreamy

Top Models Kimberly

There goes my hero velvet

maxi and clara Mercedes

It's Clara's Turn! Sharla

 Mercedes 3 Flickers Photo Club 1st Anniversary Photo Shoot

Until past 12 midnight, when Anne is already fidgety because of the overtime use of the facility. These photogs really are armed to the teeth! With wide angles and long lenses and Pat came with his P&S enclosed in an underwater gear (and he shot gorgeous underwater model poses)!

Underwater Beauty Beauty beneath the water

The Goddess of Water

Amidst the model shooting, there was raffle drawing and awarding of the prizes for the photo contest themed "Summer Lovin'". Ice Allen bagged the Canon printer while JC took home the HP for his entry in the photo contest (real cool jump shot; beats Diane's that time! LOL) Look up the thread to see who won the other prizes.

Look up the thread HERE to see who won the other prizes.

Unfortunately, the time passes by and the models have to rest too. Even the Flickerian photographers has to go home to share the beautiful photos that they took that night. Goodbyes were said, handshakes conclude another day of friendship, and those who still have the strength stayed on for the parting shots. Some models who really looked tired, gave satisfied smiles for the parting shots.

Parting Shot Parting Shot
These are the FPC peeps that were left minutes before the venue became silent once more and our models from aRTi Entertainment (di na rin kumpleto! hehe), with their fashion show director Rei Rana, and Co. Thanks to Erxkulotz :D

It's been a great and fun-filled anniversary party, no one could contest.

Write up by: rareimages by shutterbugrer

Fashion Show Direction by Rei Rana of aRTi Entertainment

Hair & Make up Artists : Karen Angelynne Leong & Amix Beltran
Assistant : Allen Ting

Gowns by Baro at Saya Houte Couture c/o Loraine Javier

Clara Castro - blue gown, white bikini
Sharla O'Hara - black/gold gown, violet bikini
Andrea Gregorio - white/pink gown
Dana Sarigumba - black gown, black bikini
Shella Hollon - the petite one, black bikini
Kimberly Panganiban - white gown, red bikini
Mercedes Cabral - old rose gown, black bikini

Jerry Polence - Fran from Final Fantasy XII

You can view the rest of the photos of the Anniversary Party HERE


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