Friday, June 15, 2007

FPC's Bowling Fun

When this happened: Last April 21, 2007
Where this happened: SM Megamall Bowling Lanes 13 and 14

Here are some short stories on what can happen when a number of people gathers together just to have some cameraderie. :)

The cast who joined the fun: rareimages by shutterbugrer, Hocchuan, Ryuji23, erxkulotz, †whiteknight†, Tipoy, kael06, shutterglass, kamalayan, yakimika, dark_ghetto28.

Short Story #1 - The Bowler
Photos and Story by: Shutterglass

This guy instead of the usual throwing stance, sat on the edge and thought of how to make a strike.....
The Bowler

..... and he did the best he can do.... first try
The Bowler

.......second try.....
The Bowler

but to no avail....
The Bowler

life is short, play more!
The Bowler

-The End-

Short Story #2 - The Great Martial Artist
Photos and Story by: Shutterglass

It is now Pat's turn... but hey! someone is blocking the lane.......

its a bird...a plane... its RYUJI! Great Martial Artist!

Pat had been waiting for his moment... combing all his energy and KI...the ball began to lit up...
The Bowler

lets take a flash back of Master Ryujis skills... heyaaa!!! the flying V gasoline kick

Pat's bowling kungfu!
The Bowler

....back to the scene... he showed his mid air banana split.
The Bowler

Pat never gave him the chance.... strike as hard as he can
The Bowler

Pushing him further towards the dark side of the force..
The Bowler

Exerting much more energy with the right leg back technique
The Bowler

....pushing further
The Bowler

I have to end the photo here... its of highly graphic and disturbing nature =)

Guess who won?

-The End-

Here are some other fight scenes:

The Jump Shot - taken using the Creative Lighting System of nikon w/ 3 units of SB800
Play Time

So who won the fighting scene you ask? Here you go. :D

The Agony of Defeat - A Sweet Taste of Victory!
The Agony of Defeat! A Sweet Taste of Victory!

You can check out the rest of the photos HERE. Thanks for visiting. :)


JC said...

OMG!!! hahaha... super hilarious... superb story telling... the photos and the photogs were sooo awesome... now im really envious why i'm not invited... hehehe... c",)

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hehehe great shots =D