Thursday, May 31, 2007

PoW! 30th Week

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

waiting for the day's catch
"Waiting for the day's catch"
by: cocoy@2007
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: Landscape and silhouette shots always amazes me. Maybe its because I don't get a lot of chance to shoot this kind of photography. Whenever I see such photos. It keeps my hopes to be able to travel around our country and to be able to take such beautiful photos.

The golden color of the sun is so wonderful, the kids silhouette and their reflection on the water are just superb. Nice work.

FPC Anniversary Shoot
"FPC Anniversary Shoot" (suggested: "Three-Piece")
by: Kamalayan
Canon Powershot S3 IS, 1/25. f/6.3, 34.3mm

Editor's Comment: Somewhere in Reuel's multiply pages, he wrote of being frustrated at seeing other FPC members using "pro" equipment at the 1st Anniversary Party. He felt small with his Canon Powershot S3IS, and lamented at how far-fetched it is for him to obtain "pro" equipments.

I reply to that post, encouraging him to continue even without "dream gears" because he has the eye. As I was about to choose my PoW! for this week, I deferred to the Anniversary photos (of course, to hype FPC events), deviating from my list of categories. When the photos with tags "fpcannivparty" came on the page, this photo was the "most interesting," on top of the heap. That proves my observation that Reuel has the eye, and with a good one, he doesn't need much pro gears to inspire others.

by: manu antigua
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: It's just a shame that manu did not enter this in the FPC monthly theme competition (Blue). I don't know if it would win but it definitely stands a very good chance. I mean, just look at that water, that sky!! Very effective use of wide angle lens and the view point is excellent the boat pointed towards the horizon with the two passengers looking at it - it says, "It's a big world out there!" It reminds me of those Rennaisance explorers just before Magellan proved that the world is round.


Lovedude said...

congratulations guys... congrats kapatid na reuel.. hahaha... galing galing nyo!!! c",)

Harley said...

True enough. having an idea of what good images then captured it makes a good photographer notwithstanding the gear - pro or PS.

after all, more practice, patience and passion come good images.

Congrats to all the wiiners

GuiNeVeRe said...

congrats guys!!! = )