Sunday, October 08, 2006

What "FPC" Is for FPC

If you are a teen, or even 30-, 40-, or even 50-een, you probably have spent countless hours on the internet pouring over photos of your “Friends”-ters. And you might also have “EB”ed with your chatmates or YM pals. Therefore, the letters F, P, and C -- for “Friends”, “Photos”, and “Chat” could represent a world of pleasure for you within the cybersphere. But if you really love Photography, I suppose you have also visited, the online photo storing, sorting, sharing and searching website of choice for many photographers like me.

Being social creatures, we Filipino photographers are drawn into online “groups” within One of these has just morphed itself into a formal club. The founding members named it “Flickers Photo Club.” Only five months old, it has already conducted over 10 photo events. Do you like portrait and glamour photos, like you ones you see on cheeky glossy fad magazines? Well, we share the same passion and therefore, in our photostreams you will find abundant photos of beautiful women—and occasionally, men—in simple to acrobatic, creative to not infrequently, err…overstretched poses.

Perhaps you love to socialize with a drink in hand. Well, we FPC members do too! But we party with a twist—a drink in one hand, and a camera on the other! And probably, the greatest accomplishment we have to our credit this year is the membership party dubbed “The Unveiling of FPC.” We just recently pulled this one off last September 14, 2006 at the Nirai Japanese restaurant at the Greenhills Shopping Complex, San Juan, Metro Manila.

Just recently, last September 16 to be exact, we just covered the La Salle Live Extreme at the PICC Forum. We also got some of our works published in some magazines too, like the one you see at the right. The one page on this Fudge magazine displays the moments we captured during one of our stints capturing photos at the Tiananmen Bar fashion event last September 19, 2006. It includes a photo of us Admins of the FPC online group with bottles of San Mig Lights on our hands! That should signal that we are also a friendly bunch who likes to have the leisure beside the business, too!

Many more events are planned and the future of the Club is being crystallized. Perhaps, you would like to join a pleasantly different bandwagon of "Friends, Photos, and Chat."

Welcome aboard FPC! -- Shutterbugrer

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