Monday, October 16, 2006


In the beginning, a Flickers Photo Club (FPC) member, Square Tan, invited other Club members via the discussion threads to drop by the Mall of Asia to check out fireworks every Friday and Saturday evening at 7pm. And last week, the invitation has been accepted!

The Club setup a photoshoot meet for the members to be able to experience how to shoot fireworks. Eventually the group decided to make this photoshoot into a Fun Photo Contest of Fireworks Photos with some of the members contributing small token prices for the top three (3) photos to spice things up: Celina_D contributed 3 gift certificates of massage treatment from Ceragem Philippines, and Joel, a.k.a., From the inside looking out, offered to give the 1st price winner a flickr “pro” account.

On the heels of the just-recently concluded membership party of the Flickers Photo Club (FPC), the Club conducted this first formal photo contest last October 7, 2006 at the Mall of Asia where the fireworks display team from Starmaker regularly fire up the bay with colorful explosions of light. Nine (9) FPC members met that night before the spectacle, with an FPC Admin registering in the members who arrived. After which, the members took their preferred positions to shoot the fireworks display—some at the Music Hall, some at the walkway and some at the breakwater along the Manila Bay. All held their breath at the announcement of the last 5 minutes before the display; and each FPC member check their final setup—camera, tripod and all.

At 7 PM, Starmaker hit the “fire” button and within 5 minutes, the FPC members scrambled to shoot, chimp to see how the camera captured the fireworks, adjust settings accordingly and repeat the whole process again! Then there was silence in the sky as the smoke from the last explosions diffused, and each FPC member hugged the camera to check the LCD displays of what they captured. The realization that Fireworks Photography is quite a challenging field hit the members as soon as they see some of the shots. Nonetheless, in the next five days, entries trickled in.

These are the 9 entries to the photo contest and the FPC member submitting them:

by: Ed's
The photos above are only the other 6 entries that FPC Admins have received, and all of them did a great job! A congratulations to all joiners for a job well done is in order. But there has to be a winner, so these photos were forwarded to the 7 waiting judges. The judges, who burned candles and eyebrows determining the winners of the photo contest, are all FPC members also, most of them are based overseas.
The criteria with which these judges chose the winning entries are:
30% technical quality, 30% artistic merit, 20% originality and 20% x-factor.
And finally, here are the top 3 winners of the FPC's Fun Photo Contest – Fireworks Category:
3rd Place Winner
"best timing. The stem of the starburst made the deal. Plus the scale of the fireworks was highlighted by the discreet yet effective inclusion of the background." - Farl
"An original shot with care on the quality, it is sharp and well highlighted. gives an impression of a rain of fire on a selected area." - Mushroom & gadgets

"I like the way this photo shows the fireworks from launch to explosion and the way the small elements on the ground was used as a point of reference of height. It gives the picture a feeling of movement and scale by leading the eyes from the ground to the three distinguishable explosion of colors that simply sparkle in the darkness of the evening sky. " - Alexdpx
2nd Place Winner
"technically superior and one of the cleanest shot of the entries. A close second." - Farl
"I like the way this was composed. The blue and red half radial on top left and the yellow colored sparklers both work together. Because of the beautiful composition, it shines above the other straight forward shot into the sky type. " - Alexdpx
"very nice crop and composition. the different colored lightstreaks works well in the blend with the main colors *gold*. good work" - Bert671
"Wow! Beautiful streaks & bold colors!" - merlysunflower
"I like mood of lights, they seems to be giant golden ferns while the patterns of the above sparkling lights seems to make a reflection." - Ayeona
1st Place Winner
by: wasaby

"nice colors. nice composition, the spread helps the colors strength. very pleasing to the eyes the mix of colors." - Bert671

"Fantastic shot! Great varieties of colors to light up the skies!" - merlysunflower
Read about the whole experience of the 1st Place winner wasaby at her blogsite article entitled "FPC @ MOA Ok!
Congratulations to all the winner!

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