Thursday, October 19, 2006

Low-Cost DigiMate II-Plus for FPC members

digimate II plus
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FPC buddies, are you longing for a release from your burdensome laptop when you go out on an extended location shoot, when you expect that your available memory cards will not afford you enough space for all the great photos you plan to capture? Maybe you are in want of a gadget that will accommodate Gigabytes of pixels from whatever type of memory card? At a cost that’s not too “carcinogenic” for your pockets? Fret no more! Digimate™ is here to solve your problem.

Long popular among a small number of FPC members, Digimate™ is a small portable storage device that could house a 2.5 inch Hard Disk (bought separately), similar to the ones being used on Laptops regardless of capacity. You can Copy/Backup your digital files direct from your memory cards (CF, SD, XD, Memory Stick/Pro, MMC and SMC) to the hard disk, without the use of a Laptop or a PC.

Please read all about it on the previous post of our fellow FPC member, Neiltot. A review about the Digimate™ II-Plus. You can find the review here:

If you are planning to buy one, then another GOOD NEWS! All FPC members will be able to get this convenient item at a lower cost, thanks to the help of our FPC Member, Shutterglass, who mentioned: “I know a few here have gotten this cool on-the-go device for instant storage, and a lot more would follow on track as this is one invaluable storage device.”

FPC member, feeling like it’s your lucky day after reading this, then contact our friend Shutterglass through his flickr mail for more information on how to get hold of this irresistible deal. :)

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