Monday, March 30, 2009

FPC on Photojournalism Experience March 28,2009

FPC conducted a photojournalism experience last March 28, facilitated by Linus.
Photo coverage:
1. Sea Festival
2. news
3. Street photography (human Interest on poverty)
1. Sea Side Story:

The first topic is about a story around the sea side of Manila Bay.
There was also an ongoing boat racing competition, people relaxing and some folks swimming on the shores.

Ice cream fun:
Summer is already here so these kids are enjoying there ice cream treats on the bay.

2. Lightning Rally Experience:

Urban poor leaders from Kilos-Maralita surprised Malacanang when they staged a lightning rally last Saturday demanding social protection for the country’s poor from the economic crisis.
The group stormed Gate 7 of Malacanang carrying banners calling on the government to allocate 50 billion pesos to humane and affordable mass housing as part of the 330B peso stimulus plan.

After their speech the Police official decided to disperse the demonstrators away from mendiola.

3. FPC on Poverty and Human Interest:

The Last topic we have that day is about Poverty and Human Interest, so the group decided to go to the deprived part of the metro.
Poverty is a common term in the country but having experienced going to a place where people need to work just to earn a small buck and seeing children help their parents work instead of playing, makes you think that somewhat you feel lucky that you could eat 3 meals a day and can afford simple stuff but makes you think also who can help these people with regards to their current situation…

Group pic:
After all those shooting, its time to have a nice group picture while the backdrop is a dump site..


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