Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FPC on Manila Bulletin Tuesday Edition March 31,2009

Quoted text:
"The Flickers Photo Club recently held a get-together photoshoot at the Cubepoint studio, organized by Perry Chua. Five pretty models graced the activity, namely, Precious, Michelle, Angelica, Wendy and Ruby with make-up artist King Pacifico.John Edward Taca of Luminosi studios also attended the said event. A photo contest was also held on the "Best Portrait Shot" where Joel Garcia emerged as the grand winner. Other memebers who shared their talents during the shoot included Ed Chuasiaokong, Pat Hocchuan, Alex, Darwin Andres, Eric Espenida, JC Gepte, Abdul Abubakar, Benjie, Marissa and Lalaine.
FPC is a group of photography enthusiasts, semi-pro, and professional photographers who want to develop and nurture friendship through shared passion for photography and sense of community based in the Philippines, guided by the values:
"Learn, Earn,Turn-up and Share" or LETS."

** From the recent March 7, 2009 shoot at CubePoint, this event was included on Manila Bulletin Tuesday Edition 03212009.

If you will grab a copy of Manila Bulletin Tuesday edition, just flip in to Picture Perfect section ( Main focus is the late great Francis M).Browse in to page 8 and you'll see this article about the FPC group.

Photo taken by: Linus

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