Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sea Breeze Resort Revisited

by Garry Cruz
Original blog posted by Garry at his Multiply page. Posted here with permission.
I have been in a slump lately with my photography. I couldn't get myself in the right mood to take photos nor process those that I took some time ago. I mean I'm excited to go out and take pictures but the results are sometimes not what I wanted them to be. I guess I needed a break.

Last Saturday, I was packed with possible shoots and really couldn't decide which one to choose. There was the UP fair, a folio shoot for a friend and a funshoot out with my friends from Flickers Photo Club (FPC). I wanted to go to the UP fair since I haven't watched a concert for such a long time but wanted to go to my shoot at Boni as well. Good thing I was able to ask my 'client' to postpone the shoot the next day.

FPC is also scheduled to have a shoot that day in a warehouse located in Makati but due to the lack of participating photogs, it was cancelled. Robert invited me to a shoot in Sea Breeze Resort in Taguig City, which almost didn't push through due to some model backing-out at the last minute. I said to myself: "What the heck! Since I'm not doing anything that weekend anyway..."

After my shift, I went straight home to pack my things for the shoot. I was also thinking of bringing some swimwear since I'm not really in the mood to shoot but rather to relax. Good thing I decided otherwise and my laziness to bring an extra bag paid off.

We started shooting late in the afternoon coz some of the guys swam in the pool while the models were preparing for the shoot. I was surprised when Luane asked me if we knew each other since I looked very familiar to her. I told her that its the first time I've seen her.

We started shooting around 4pm just about when Egay, our hired makeup artist con hairstylist (does great work), finished doing April's make-up. I messed up my first few shots of her because the strobes were not being triggered by my cam. I felt stupid when I found out that I forgot to reset my cam to trigger the strobes that I was testing earlier that day. With all the strobes set... I was shooting like crazy.

We brought April outside the resort to a construction site and saw some workers with their equipment. We asked permission if we could use their equipment as props for the shoot and they gladly agreed. They even posed in a few shots as well.

Two teams were shooting at the same time. Exchanging models as we go along. Next up was Luane. I remember her talking to me prior to the shoot and asked me if we knew each other. She told me that I looked very familiar to her. Flattered, I told her that it was the first time that I saw her. After having her make-up done. We also brought her outside and started shooting.

After shooting for a couple of hours, we decided to take a break before starting the next set. While waiting, some of us had dinner while others charged their batts. With more than enough juice in mine, I just passed the time listening to music in my PSP.

We were shooting till about 9.30pm all of the flash batteries were bled dry. Too bad I wasn't able to shoot Luane with her 3rd outfit but nevertheless I had fun that day. I went home exhausted but had tons of fun.

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