Thursday, March 13, 2008

7th FPC Tambayan @ Kiko's Restaurant

Flickers Photo Club's (FPC) regular Tambayan now on it's 7th time. This night we introduce a relevant and important twist to our eat, dine, and talk gathering. Now we have a model shoot. This is possible at Kiko's 2nd floor where there are no customers eating and a lot of layouts can be shot at the stairs, the orange wall, the door to the kitchen, the restrooms, and the movable panel dividers. Kiko's is at the PureGold ground floor, E. Rodriguez cor Araneta, beside the Quezon Institute.

These are the outtake photos of the event. Other outtakes and the model photos are HERE:

FPC peeps enjoy the delicious food at Kikos Restaurant.
For P200, whet your appetite to a variety of sumptuous meals
to your heart's content.

Kiko's is ideal for Tambayan. Spacious, nice ambience,
delicious food, and most of all, you can shoot upstairs!

Sidney tries his "signature shot" with two babes.
But Abby screams "Bitoy!" and his arms went flying
away from the sisters! Haha

Chit chat before the shoot-shoot.
The models at the left are Breezely and Cecil,
the ones on the right, across Lenard, are Arianne (in gray)
and her sister Abby.

Where are your hands Sidney?!

Ronald (k.i.f. as Basti) and Eric.
Ronald and I shoot at weddings together already.
Eric is a regular event shooter.
He arrives from an Incubus Press Con shoot.

Setting up the gears on the 2nd floor "studio."
The stairs, restroom and the kitchen
become part of the studio too!

Readying the gears while the models make themselves up.
Sidney comes in full battle gear, with his old Canon 350D
and new Nikon D300 (Wooo-hooo!)

Robinson and Marvin. Abby and Lenard.
Robinson is an acquaintance of Ian Ong,
but they come along with Rick Li.
Ian Ong comes along with a "Tentative" somebody else! Haha

Surveying the "studio" for layout while the models ready themselves.
A flash unit inside behind the door will highlight the fake leaves
and the glass very nicely, I thought. But we only shot on the leafy facade.

Sidney tots his small and big guns.
A 350D on his right hand and the Nikon D300! on his left.

Eric does his "crazy" thing! LOL
Testing the lights.

- end -

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