Thursday, August 30, 2007

PoW! 42nd Week

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

"Naked Art 2: Asian roots"
by: Ian Ong
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: . . . simply for the colors, and the curves, and the composition, and the pose, and the patterns, and the way it makes my eyes look around the itsy-bitsy details and the . . . on and on and on. Simply beautiful.

24 Hours of Flickr Manila
"24 Hours of Flickr Manila"
"Through the eyes of a child" (Suggested)
by: Little Mix Mix
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: I make an exception this week on technical quality, to make way for this very significant photo shared into the pool. We are all familiar with this photo. Yes, it is dark. It is also an ordinary group shot taken with "just" a point-and-shoot camera. Yes, it is the 2nd most interesting photo of the "Flickr 24 in Manila" event, and during some days, it was no.1.

Yes, it made it to the flickr blog
Yes, it was taken by Mika, the daughter of Pat, an FPC admin.

But what does it REALLY mean to you? For me, it is more than what we SEE it is. I faved it not because I look gorgeous. In fact, I look like a burnt charcoal. I faved it not because there is a beautiful, sexy model showing her "best assets." I faved it because I like how we are one big "family" in this photo. It reminds me of how we always have fun when we get together. When we do, we are all like children with expensive toys, sharing them or hoarding them, liking yours or envying the other's. But above all the gears, It is the spirit of belongingness that brings us together, with kindred spirits around us making us feel like children in our home, where you can be yourself whatever gear you have.

Imagine this photo as a solo shot of you. Would you care putting a pink star over it? I think that it is fitting for us now to think of how far we have come, how good we have become at taking pictures, and the relationships that we have formed being a flickr and FPC member. Now, look at all that through the eyes of a child.

Flame On!
"Flame On!"
by: Lenard Po
Canon EOS 350D Digital, 1/125, f/14, 97mm, ISO100

Editor's Comment: What caught my attention with this shot is the creativity of using a lighter for a portrait shot. It has always been interesting to capture a flame. Check out how the flame danced. Wonderful details and portrait. Its a fave!

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