Friday, August 24, 2007

PoW! 41st Week

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

Civil War
"Civil War"
by: PowerPee
No Exifs Available

Description: The Icon (Captain America) is about to get barbecued...

* I just received news that this picture won the 1st ever photo contest at the 6th Philippine Toycon. God is indeed good to me. :)

Editor's Comment: To not honor Perry's work on FPC PoW! will be a shame. This is appropriate time to celebrate and be proud of a masterpiece, a work of art, which Perry has seem to have perfected over the course of time, since his formal lessons on creative lighting. What makes this winning photo click is obviously the suggestion of action making the lifeless figures come very alive, with the appropriate facial expression.

My Paper Flower Dream
"My Paper Flower Dream"
by: Glenn Mendoza
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: Not all subjects look good when rendered in black & white. But who would have thought that a colorful flower (even though a paper flower at that) would look this good without color?

For those participating in FPC's theme contest for this month, this photo is a case study. Excellent contrast, wide tonal range, great lighting revealing all those texture details. Bravo!!

stairway to heaven?
"Stairway to Heaven?"
by: laz'andre
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: the key to the shot's "pow" value is very fundamental to photography: composition.

It takes a keen eye to spot the subject. a good appreciation of symmetry to frame the mural and creative talent to include the birds and some sky in the shot!

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