Thursday, April 19, 2007

PoW!: 25th Week, by Members

Several weeks ago, we decided to let FPC members choose the Photos of the Week! And we asked for volunteers as we wanted the choosing to be a "labor of love" on the part of the picker. Today we bring you the debut issue of "Member's PoW!" It's your PoW!

Member's PoW! from hereon appears in alternate week with the "Editor's PoW!". Thus, the next issue will be on May 02, 2007, hopefully with a new batch of volunteers to pick the great photos we might have missed.

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!, in no order of preference:

table view of cockle bay

"Table View of Cockle Bay"
Essential exif: Nikon D80; 1.3 sec (13/10); f/4 @ 17 mm; ISO400

Photog's Comments: In between drinks and chat, I left my d80 on the table, and I inadvertedly snapped a frame.

Member-Picker's Comments: This is one of the most serendipitous images I have ever seen. You dont care about the out of focus motion blur junk on the sides of the table, the image at the far end came out spectacular.

ID Please by Rey Nocum

"ID Please"
by: Rey Nocum
No exif available

Photog's Comments: My macro shots are always at the minimum aperture or at f22 and shutter speed at 1/200 secs, seldomly using a monopod or tripod. For life size or higher magnification, I simply use an ordinary 50mm lens with extension tube attached. Greater magnification is achieved by attaching a diopter which I took from the teleconverter of my old P&S camera (inlcuding a 1.4X teleconverter). For lights, I use the camera's built in flash.

Member-Picker's Comments: Kuya Rey's macro shots are indeed sharp and eye-catching. Showing a clear and different side of our minute neighbors. This is one side of photography wherein we are given a "MAGNIFICENT" and "MAGNIFIED" view of nature's hidden beauty!

Bamboo by Doctian

Essential exif: Sony DSLR-A100; 0.005 sec (1/200); f/4.5 @ 180 mm;

Member-Picker's Comment: "Bamboo" is a creation out of simplicity. Emanating beauty through the superb DOF , artistic framing and vivid colors. A minimalist shot conveying beauty in simplicity.

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