Monday, April 23, 2007

A day With the Heroes

I always wanted to go to tourist spots or places around Manila and take photos. Believe it or not, I haven’t been to Manila zoo. I searched places around Makati and became so interested with the Manila American Cemetery. The description of the place in the internet fascinated me. It is considered as largest cemetery in the country and imagine, in this cemetery almost 17,200 military people who died in World War II were buried.

I gathered information on how to go there and if permits were needed before posting this in FPC. When I posted the invite to have the shoot on December 23, I got positive responses and many signed up. Kuya Robert a.k.a. Shutterbugrer organized the meeting time and place.

We met at around 1 PM at Market Market. Fifteen people joined the activity.

When we got to Manila American Cemetery, I was amazed by the place. It was so clean and a lot of spots to shoot. They have the so-called "Headstones" where the names of Filipino and American Heroes were written.

We took pictures of models emoting so well and feeling the grief, pattern shots in the graveyard, landscape, candid moments, and of course...jump shot. We stayed there until 5 PM because the cemetery closed at 5.

After the shoot, we went to Market Market and took dinner while JC, Lee, and the models went to Libis for a photo shoot.

The excitement didn't stop. There were fireworks display in Market Market. We took some shots and then went home.

Really, Manila American Cemetery was a place to be! I really recommend this place not only for photographers but for travellers.

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