Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Flickr Dilemma

I am using flickr.com as a tool to be able to share my work and photos and to be able to learn more about photography through the critiques and comments of other Flickr members.

I started using Flickr.com simply because I have seen flickr's good security system features and options on its photo. We have a CHOICE to put our photo to FRIENDS ONLY, FAMILY ONLY, FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY and PUBLIC.

This is the main reason why I used Flickr.com and subscribed to them. I want to be able to control my photos and my photos to be viewed only by those who are supposed to be able to view it.

Recently I found out that all my photos were not searchable in Flickr.com. Whether it be through tags or thru the groups. In short my account was NIPSA’d (Not In Public Site Areas). I felt so bad upon finding out.

I emailed flickr.com management regarding

my problem and demanded an explanation since I was a paying subscriber (PRO Account). They sent me a reply and confirmed that my account was marked as NIPSA, they asked me to privatize or delete any photo that may have a potential to offend other users and then they will re-review my account.

Flickr Email

I have been completely very responsible with all my photos since I started using flickr. Maybe this is why I’m disappointed with the incident.

I was disappointed and lost interest with flickr.com. I stopped uploading my photos for awhile, feeling that my photos don’t have a chance to be seen in the interestingness explore pages. But for some reason I still kept on checking flickr.com every minute and every hour. (Addicted to flickr.com)

So I started asking myself. Why I am making such a big deal out of this? So what if my photos will not have the chance to go to the interestingness explore pages? So what if my photos are not searchable thru tags and flickr.com for people who don’t have a flickr account and is not logged in?

And I started to realize that I am using flickr.com to have fun and to share my photos. Flickr.com is about sharing your photos and the moments you have captured through your viewfinder to everyone you know, Friends and Family.

Being NIPSA’d doesn’t limit you from doing what flickr.com is all about. All your contacts can still see your photos, groups members will be able to see your photos when you share it to the group.

As of today. I have received an email from the flickr.com management informing me that they have reviewed my account already and they change the status of my account to public again. (yehey) But I still have no confirmation and idea what the real reason why my account was marked NIPSA in the first place. The only possible reason that I could think of is maybe because I have photos in my photostream of the Nude Workshops that I have attended. Note: All photos were set to FRIENDS ONLY.

Are you NIPSA’d? If you are. I say don’t make a big deal out of it. Forget about it. Continue to upload and share your photos and enjoy yourself. The important thing here is your enjoying what you love to do. Photography.

But if you do mind your account being NIPSA’d kindly read the faq below:

Why aren't my photos showing up?

When you sign up for Flickr, your new account is marked as 'pending', until Flickr administrators have reviewed it to make sure you aren't posting offensive images, or junk downloaded from the web. You have to have uploaded a few public photos before your account enters the queue, so if your photos aren't showing up, upload some more!

When your account is 'pending' your photos won't show up in public photo lists, like
Everyone's Photos, or pages that show all photos tagged with a certain tag (e.g.).

Flickr is a website for you to use to share your photos. If the images you're uploading either (i) aren't photos, or (ii) are images you've found on the web, stock photos, celebrity photos, stuff that appears to be copyrighted by someone else, screenshots, content that's inappropriate for public areas or full frontal nudity, it's safe to assume that we will probably have marked you as Not In Public Site Areas (NIPSA); otherwise, your account is in the review queue, and will be attended to shortly.

The other reason your photos might not show up for people could be privacy. If you've marked a photo, say, visible to friends, then only people you count as friends will be able to see it.

You might like to read our
Community Guidelines for more information.

PS: Hey if this doesn’t help at all, by all means email flickr.com management and ask them to re-review your account. :)

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