Friday, August 01, 2008

POW! 1st Week of August 2008

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

"No Title"
by: yetbu
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: "This is not his best. I invite you to look at his stream and just let the images do the talking this time."

0717 DSC09612
"The Cross"
by: JRmannn
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: - "I love the colors on this shot. and the rainbow.. just perfect!"

- "Shooting and composing with a rainbow...that doesn't happen everyday. "

URCC 12 (Supremacy!)
"URCC 12 (Supremacy)"
by: Ronyak
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: URCC 12 held last July 5, 08 at A. Venue

Editor's Comment: - "Seldom do we see sports photos uploaded in flickr. It is therefore exhilirating to see one and this photo captures the agony of being defeated and the intense concentration of the brawler on top who seems to be the fighter with an advantage over his foe."

- "i can feel the intensity in this frame. As the other editor mentioned it's a image with a strong story to tell. "

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