Tuesday, April 07, 2009

FPC on 2009 Manila International Auto Show @ World Trade Center

The Manila International Auto Show 2009 held open on the World Trade Center in Pasay city to all Car Enthusiasts, owners and even car manufacturers to display their auto products to the public.

The Manila International Auto show 09’s theme is “Passion for Performance”, with a dual thrust.The first is to highlight car and equipment performance in terms of driving pleasure and fuel economy. The second is to boost industry sales performance with a well-attended selling event.

Guinness World Record holder in precision driving Russ Swift returns with a thrilling show behind the wheel of the all-new Subaru Impreza sedan and WRX STI.

Aside from car lovers, there are also many photo lovers visited the venue not only for the cars but also from the lovely models each brand of automobile represent.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FPC on Manila Bulletin Tuesday Edition March 31,2009

Quoted text:
"The Flickers Photo Club recently held a get-together photoshoot at the Cubepoint studio, organized by Perry Chua. Five pretty models graced the activity, namely, Precious, Michelle, Angelica, Wendy and Ruby with make-up artist King Pacifico.John Edward Taca of Luminosi studios also attended the said event. A photo contest was also held on the "Best Portrait Shot" where Joel Garcia emerged as the grand winner. Other memebers who shared their talents during the shoot included Ed Chuasiaokong, Pat Hocchuan, Alex, Darwin Andres, Eric Espenida, JC Gepte, Abdul Abubakar, Benjie, Marissa and Lalaine.
FPC is a group of photography enthusiasts, semi-pro, and professional photographers who want to develop and nurture friendship through shared passion for photography and sense of community based in the Philippines, guided by the values:
"Learn, Earn,Turn-up and Share" or LETS."

** From the recent March 7, 2009 shoot at CubePoint, this event was included on Manila Bulletin Tuesday Edition 03212009.

If you will grab a copy of Manila Bulletin Tuesday edition, just flip in to Picture Perfect section ( Main focus is the late great Francis M).Browse in to page 8 and you'll see this article about the FPC group.

Photo taken by: Linus

FPCmeet@Imagesmith March 21, 2009

Once is not enough for the month of March.
The FPC gang conducted again yet another shoot(03212009), this time it's location is on Imagesmith in pasig city.
Enjoyed by the "testshot" concept, the group performed a number of testshoot together with the model before performing the actual shot itself.



FPCmeet@CubePoint-March 7, 2009

Last March 7, 2009 as manila is focused on Eraserheads final set & the Bb. Pilipinas coronation nights, Flickers Photo Club “FPC “ held its first photo session this year @ cubepoint in Mandaluyong. Lead by Perry “Power Pee” with the supervision on lighting by Darwin and with the comic comments from Joel the session become lively as the shooters lined up to take their turn to shoot the models.


2. Joel Garcia

3. Ryuji23

4. Pat Hocchuan



7.Alex (alexdpx)

8.Ed (edcsk)






Lighting coordinator: Darwin

make up by: king






Monday, March 30, 2009

FPC on Photojournalism Experience March 28,2009

FPC conducted a photojournalism experience last March 28, facilitated by Linus.
Photo coverage:
1. Sea Festival
2. news
3. Street photography (human Interest on poverty)
1. Sea Side Story:

The first topic is about a story around the sea side of Manila Bay.
There was also an ongoing boat racing competition, people relaxing and some folks swimming on the shores.

Ice cream fun:
Summer is already here so these kids are enjoying there ice cream treats on the bay.

2. Lightning Rally Experience:

Urban poor leaders from Kilos-Maralita surprised Malacanang when they staged a lightning rally last Saturday demanding social protection for the country’s poor from the economic crisis.
The group stormed Gate 7 of Malacanang carrying banners calling on the government to allocate 50 billion pesos to humane and affordable mass housing as part of the 330B peso stimulus plan.

After their speech the Police official decided to disperse the demonstrators away from mendiola.

3. FPC on Poverty and Human Interest:

The Last topic we have that day is about Poverty and Human Interest, so the group decided to go to the deprived part of the metro.
Poverty is a common term in the country but having experienced going to a place where people need to work just to earn a small buck and seeing children help their parents work instead of playing, makes you think that somewhat you feel lucky that you could eat 3 meals a day and can afford simple stuff but makes you think also who can help these people with regards to their current situation…

Group pic:
After all those shooting, its time to have a nice group picture while the backdrop is a dump site..


Friday, August 08, 2008

POW! 2nd Week of August 2008

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

Partners in Crime Revisited
"Partners in Crime Revisited"
by: crispyparty
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: "Composition and lighting played key roles here. This makes for an excellent print ad."

by: Kim Guanzon
Canon EOS-1D Mark III, 1/250, f/9, 40mm, ISO100

Photo Description: Canon EOS-1D Mark III
Canon EF 17-40mm f4L USM
AB800 33" Beauty Dish camera left with diffusion sock.. no filter
AB800 with full CTO filter camera right
WB set to tungsten
check the exif data... all processing was done with lightroom... no need of PS

Editor's Comment: " Here is a good example of what an interplay of good equipment can do to your photos. Forget about the talent or skill of the photographer - a little knowledge will do. Top of the line gears necessarily equate to a brilliant photo!!"

Heat of the Moment
"Heat of the Moment"
by: joelcgarcia
Nikon D300, 1/200, f/18, 40mm, ISO200

Photo Description: Make-up by Jossa Cruz. Regina Condominium, Quezon City.

Editor's Comment: "Great Art for Nude. Great Lighting! This photo just inspires me a lot!"

Friday, August 01, 2008

POW! 1st Week of August 2008

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

"No Title"
by: yetbu
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: "This is not his best. I invite you to look at his stream and just let the images do the talking this time."

0717 DSC09612
"The Cross"
by: JRmannn
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: - "I love the colors on this shot. and the rainbow.. just perfect!"

- "Shooting and composing with a rainbow...that doesn't happen everyday. "

URCC 12 (Supremacy!)
"URCC 12 (Supremacy)"
by: Ronyak
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: URCC 12 held last July 5, 08 at A. Venue

Editor's Comment: - "Seldom do we see sports photos uploaded in flickr. It is therefore exhilirating to see one and this photo captures the agony of being defeated and the intense concentration of the brawler on top who seems to be the fighter with an advantage over his foe."

- "i can feel the intensity in this frame. As the other editor mentioned it's a image with a strong story to tell. "

Friday, July 25, 2008

POW! 4th Week of July 2008

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

0715 IMG_1038
"Full of Life"
by: JRmannn
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: FULL OF LIFE
Like a whole little world in that one drop.

Editor's Comments: - "Great capture on the reflection and great timing on the water drop."

- " I just love images where the reflection draws more attention to whats on the middle of the frame. It takes a keen eye and a lot of imagination to create that in my opinion."

"No Title"
by: Joseph Ong
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: Model; Tara
Clothes: Harvey Cenit
Maquillage: Jessie Glova

Editor's Comment: - "The cropped shot did this photo justice. The photographer's an expert when it comes to portraits and it clearly shows. Good details and great use of lighting"

- "This portrait invites me to peer into her soul. it's mesmerizing!
Softness in female portraiture still works best for me not only technically speaking but the way the model projects as well."

by: JohnnyMakati
No Exifs Available

Editor's Comment: - "This is post editing par excellance. The photographer is an artist. Every photos he shows us is a work of art. Not only he can photograph so well, he can beautify as well. Definitely one of the best glamour photograph of the week"

- "This has the makings of really "fine" art photography! ...in terms of gracefulness, lighting, texture among others. "

Friday, July 18, 2008

POW! 3rd Week of July 2008

Here are this week's FPC's PoW!s, in no order of preference:

pinoy ako-my pride and joy
"Pinoy ako - My Pride and Joy"
by: my fLEEckr.leeviraycahili
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: “One of the great undiscovered joys of life comes from doing everything one attempts to the best of one's ability. There is a special sense of satisfaction, a pride in surveying such a work, a work which is rounded, full, exact, complete in its parts, which the superficial person who leaves his or her work in a slovenly, slipshod, half-finished condition, can never know. It is this conscientious completeness which turns any work into art. The smallest task, well done, becomes a miracle of achievement.” --og mandino

Editor's Comment: "The boy's expression exudes confidence and pride... perfect for the patriotic colors of the hat and the title given. The filtered light on the face adds dimension to the portrait. it creates enough specular highlights to bring the portrait to life!"

- "Mabuhay Philippines! The first thing came to my mind when I saw this photo. Great colors. Mabuhay ang Pinoy! "

by: Solanaboy
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: Went back to dumaguete to shoot the Pier and boy it was one hell of a day. I shot 4gb worth in the pier. I have a few more I will upload this week.

Editor's Comment: "Colors blended well with the background, not to mention the light coming behind the subject was a great touch. Always a pleasure to see underwater pictures." =D

by: chibusque
No Exifs Available

Photo Description: Photography: CHi busque of iD3 photography
Model: Luiza Rower
Hair & Makeup: Aizza Reyes for House of Laurel
Clothes by: Joe San Antonio
Agency: Chameleon Modeling Agency
Location: Jing Arroyo's Crib @ Belle Villa, Merville

Editor's Comment: "It's quite amazing when all the right elements come together in a fashion shoot. Of course good lighting and photography are a must too as you can see here."